EU Legislation, Initiatives, etc. (Archive)

First medicine for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis recommended for approval in the EU

EMA recommends suspension of medicines over flawed studies at Semler Research Centre

Two new medicines for advanced kidney cancer

Horizon 2020: Work Programme update supports competitiveness through open science

ePrivacy rules should be smarter, clearer, stronger

European Parliament to offset its 2015 carbon emissions

US.-EU Security and Development Dialogue

EC accepts commitments by Paramount on cross-border pay-TV services

Have your say – public consultation on GM plant allergenicity guidance

EASO publishes COI Security Report on Pakistan

EC authorises French support for renewable tidal energy demonstration plant at Raz Blanchard

EU social partners’ first reactions to Brexit

Rule of Law: Commission issues recommendation to Poland

Stability & Growth Pact: fiscal proposals for Spain and Portugal

Colistin: reduce use in animals, says EMA

Countries should reduce use of colistin in animals to decrease the risk of antimicrobial resistance

CJEU: European Arrest Warrants – Deduction of the period of detention served in the executing Member State

Better identification of medicinal products

Remuneration for credit institutions & investment firms work

Facility for Refugees in Turkey: over €1.4bn in support of education and health for Syrian refugees

Malachite green in food

Investment Plan for Europe: EIB participates in SUSI Renewable Energy Fund II
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