EU Legislation, Initiatives, etc. (Archive)

EC takes next step in Article 50 process by recommending draft negotiating directives

New guidelines help citizens gain better & fairer access to their national courts on environmental cases

Public consultation - guidance on the risk assessment of GMO at low level

EMA and heads of national competent authorities discuss consequences of Brexit

European Council (Art. 50) guidelines for Brexit negotiations

techUK:  Tech Industry Organisations call for changes to the Digital Content Directive

EC statement on the management of flows of persons at the borders between Slovenia and Croatia

Why Europe still needs cash

Back to Schengen: EC recommends phasing out of temporary border controls over next six months

EC takes new steps to enhance compliance and practical functioning of the EU Single Market

Visa Reciprocity: EC responds to Parliament

Committee MEPs welcome stepping up of EU-NATO cooperation

Format for short-stay visas (Schengen) - Agreement on the update of security features in the visa sticker

Anti-dumping methodology: Council agrees negotiating position

MEPs call for EU rules on private security companies

Committees again reject blacklist of states at risk of money laundering

MEPs vote to lower VAT on e-books, aligning them with printed books

Towards a European Bee Partnership: register now

New grant opportunities: allergens & airborne plant pathogens

CJEU: A collision between an aircraft and a bird is an ‘extraordinary circumstance’

Internal Market Committee calls for EU strategy on the collaborative economy

CJEU: Declaring any cash sum over €10,000 applies while in transit through EU

EC proposes simpler and more efficient derivatives rules

EU proposes enhanced partnership with Africa on peace & security, and job creation for youth

Award Winning Cycle to Work Scheme