EU Legislation, Initiatives, etc. (Archive)

IFS:  The EU Budget: a guide

VAT Action Plan: Commission presents measures to modernise VAT in the EU

Stabilisation & Association Agreement (SAA) between the EU and Kosovo enters into force ~   FCO:  UK welcomes EU-Kosovo Stabilisation & Association Agreement

CJEU: Execution of a European arrest warrant must be deferred if there is risk of inhuman or degrading treatment

WAG:  Rebecca Evans updates on GB-leading payment performance

Options for reforming Common European Asylum System and developing safe & legal pathways to Europe ~ Future framework for stronger & smarter information systems for border management & internal security ~ Stronger & Smarter Borders in the EU: EC proposes to establish an Entry-Exit System ~ 4 fundamental rights issues to consider in EU safe countries list ~ Joint EU-Bangladesh Press Release on the first Bangladesh-EU Dialogue on Migration Management

EU strengthens response to hybrid threats

Capital Markets Union: Making it easier for insurers to invest in infrastructure

Nuclear Security Summit 2016

EC presents Nuclear Illustrative Programme (PINC)

EU budget management: ARTEMIS, ENIAC and ITER projects fail 2014 discharge test

New report highlights wide-ranging impact of EU drug markets on society

The Africa-EU Partnership

€100m EU package for Sudan to address root causes of irregular migration & forced displacement

EC invests over €7.5m for sustainable growth and jobs in the marine & maritime sectors

Truck platooning: transport with a future

EU – Malaysia Partnership & Cooperation Agreement

Bluefin tuna recovery plan

Posting of a hyperlink to a website which publishes photos without authorisation

Non-road combustion engines: reduced pollutant emission limits

Local leaders to make EU environmental law better work on the ground