EU Legislation, Initiatives, etc. (Archive)

HMT:  Rip-off card charges to be outlawed

Second round of Article 50 negotiations with the UK

EU acts to reach at least 40% women in its management and launches comprehensive strategy

Scientists investigate origin of isolated BSE cases

Home Office:  Draft Technical Capability Regulations notified to EC following targeted consultation

EC calls on CYPRUS, ITALY & the UK to transpose measures on marketing standards for certain milk products

Teenagers on privacy

Regulatory information – EMA improves its guidance for post-authorisation activities

Debate on the Future of Europe: 1,750 events so far with the potential to reach over 30m Europeans

Report on the state of EU-Egypt relations: engaging on shared priorities

EU and Brazil join forces for global level-playing field in farm subsidies

Ombudsman asks 9 questions on handling of Commissioners’ post-mandate jobs

ESAs consult on amendments to technical standards on the mapping of ECAIs

EC acts to help regions build resilient economies in the era of globalisation

Mergers: EC approves acquisition of Momondo by Priceline

Aspects of non-standard employment in Europe

ESMA recommends improvements in financial information enforcement – (ESMA to cooperate with Indian regulators on CCPs)

Involving young people in EMA activities

Significant progress to enhance Europe's resilience against hybrid threats – more work ahead

EU steps up its support for investigations into war crimes & accountability in Syria

EC launches public consultation on Health & Care in the Digital Single Market

Alitalia faces uncertain future

Turkey: Lift the state of emergency as soon as possible!