General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

PC&PE:  Ofgem failing to keep network costs down for energy consumers


PC&PE:  Votes at 16 for Scotland should have had full parliamentary scrutiny


PC&PE:  Government support for business is too vague & complex


PC&PE:  Financial support for students at alternative higher education providers


PC&PE:  Next Government must prioritise disadvantaged children in childcare budget


PC&PE:  Committee says the Charity Commission needs more powers


PC&PE:  Universal Credit - progress update report


PC&PE:  EU regulation on GM Organisms not 'fit for purpose'


PC&PE:  Committee publish Future of the BBC report


PC&PE:  Protect FCO's budget or reduce Britain's global diplomacy


Audit Scotland:  Clear & robust plans should be next step for Glasgow Prestwick Airport ~ Related links – (AS: Clearer picture is needed of what broadband roll-out will deliver)


ScotGov:  Minister welcomes publication of a series of reports into sectarianism & the impacts of marches & parades in Scotland – (Way forward to tackle NPS ~ Report)


Welsh Government publishes radical report on a curriculum for Wales ~ Independent Review of Curriculum & Assessment Arrangements in Wales)


ONS:  International Comparisons of Productivity - Final Estimates, 2013 - UK productivity 19 percentage points below the average for the rest for the G7 – (The under 18 conception rate for 2013 is the lowest since 1969 for women aged 15 to 17 ~ Migration Statistics Quarterly Report, February 2015 ~ Workplace pension scheme membership has increased to 59% in 2014, from 50% in 2013)


Electoral Commission report on 1 December 2014 electoral registers in England & Wales - 920,000 fewer entries ~ ONS:  Electoral Statistics for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 2014)


BIS:  Migrant workers bring improvements to British business performance & productivity says new study


Socitm:  Effectiveness of council website re-designs examined in Better connected 2015


PX:  Spread the benefits of a capital-owning democracy to reduce inequality – (PX:  Economics Manifesto - No surprise that many people have lost faith in the ability of markets to deliver for them)


CIPD:  New report highlights general mood against mandatory quotas and a preference for voluntary targets of 50% female representation at board level


New HEFCE report shines further light on young participation in higher education


FSA:  Campylobacter survey - cumulative results from the first nine months
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