General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

PC&PE:  EU Committee reports on referendum on EU membership

National Ombudsmen:  Councils urged to ensure complaints about contractors are handled properly

National Audit Office:  Short Guides to Departments

Wales Audit Office:  BrowseAloud function now available on their website – (WAO:  Torfaen council achieves record closure of accounts)

RUSI:  2% defence spending target will be met thanks to combination of real-terms increases & accounting rules changes

SOCITM:  Councils ‘share digital’ insights captured in Socitm briefing

Youth Justice Board for England & Wales - Sir Martin Narey publishes new report on Rainsbrook STC ~ CQC:  Response to Sir Martin Narey’s report on Rainsbrook STC ~ Ofsted:  Response to Sir Martin Narey’s report on Rainsbrook STC)

FCO:  17,000 British nationals abroad supported by Foreign Office last year

Financial Reporting Council publishes Annual Report for 2014/15

GDS  Blogs:  Building on the steel thread – (Hire the head and the body will follow ~ Same, but different: a common international approach to digital government)

Patients Association:  The wait for NHS operations getting longer & longer

Food Standards Agency:  Public attitudes tracker survey results published

CQC:  Annual report on controlled drugs published

HEFCE:  First insights into UK interdisciplinary research

The Responsible Data Usage e-learning course from In the Know Limited