General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

ONS publishes first VAT data – (ONS:  Civil service numbers decline, but women increase as a proportion ~ ONS:  UK productivity returns to its pre-downturn level ~ ONS:  Capturing digital progress central to improving measurement of GDP)

NAO:  Memorandum for Environmental Audit Committee - Waste & Recycling review

Audit Scotland:  Council must be more ambitious on tackling financial challenges – (Audit Scotland:  Auditor General reports on Scottish Government accounts)

Scottish Government accounts 2015/16 – (ScotGov:  Planning decision times published)

WAG:  Day visits survey show a busy year for Wales

Ofgem:  publishes report on suppliers’ social obligations in 2015

Kings Fund:  Feedback from service users is crucial for improvement in maternity care

IPPR:  North needs “all-star team” to advise on Brexit

Demos:  New poll challenges assumption majority of Brits want to end freedom of movement

IPPR:  Response to the Chancellor's Conservative Conference speech - strategic investment & tax fairness needed in reset – (IPPR:  Forging ahead with crude reductions to non-EU immigration would be a risk to Britain’s economy)

IEA:  Overspending should not be the new normal – (IEA:  More intervention won’t bring prosperity)

Adam Smith Inst:  May must accept that markets are the solution to our problems

JRF:  Julia Unwin responds to speeches on the economy at the Conservative Party Conference – (JRF:  Affordable housing must be starting point of a plan to make Britain work for all)

IFS:  It's time to talk about tax, experts tell Hammond – (IFS:  Those born in early ‘80s have about half the wealth that those born in ‘70s had at same age)

CSJ:  Britain could be out of the EU in less than two years, according to ex-ministers’ blueprint

NEF:  Why the plastic bag charge is working

NIESR researchers' reaction to Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference

Red Hat on automation (pt 2)