General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

ONS:  Index of Production, September 2015 – (UK Trade, September 2015 ~ Childbearing for Women Born in Different Years, England and Wales, 2014 ~ UK Labour Market, November 2015)

National Ombudsmen:  New report shines a light on major failures at the Home Office in dealing with immigration & border-related issues – (NO:  Adult social care complaints to the Ombudsman on the increase)

PC&PE:  City deals highlight need for clear accountability in devolution

DWP:  Benefit cap - tens of thousands move into work or off Housing Benefit

FSA publishes local authority food law enforcement information

ScotGov:  Junk food TV advertising  - (ScotGov:  Call Handling report published)

WAG:  Wales spending more on health and education

Met Office:  Studying the causes of extreme weather in 2014

Demos:  An Invisible Failing - Veterans Need Targeted Support to Rehabilitate & Fulfil their Potential

NIESR: GDP growth of 0.6% in 3 months ending in October 2015

ESRC:  Research shows poetry helps against work anxiety – (ESRC:  Pen pal is powerful boost to prisoner wellbeing ~ Glasgow youngsters now 'hang-out' virtually rather than publicly - Hong Kong young people now hitting the streets ~ Most people in the UK are less lonely – apart from men with low qualifications ~ ESRC:  The separate states of the UK: Vision of diverged UK wins ESRC writing competition ~ Media coverage of celebrity sex crimes has fuelled misunderstandings around abuse)

Policy Exchange calls for a bonfire of the energy quangos at the Spending Review – (PX:  Whitehall Rules! Improving pay & performance in the Civil Service)

IFS:  Cuts to social rents will benefit exchequer more than tenants, but will strengthen work incentives – (IFS:  Ethnic minorities substantially more likely to go to university than their White British peers)

IPPR:  Cameron needs a fair & plausible approach to reforming EU migrants’ access to welfare

Adam Smith Inst:  Create an ‘Uber for electricity’ by deregulating power supply, argues new report

IEA:  “EVEL” no solution to problems caused by devolution)

Civitas:  Good government under threat from rising influence of special advisers

CIPD:  Wage inflation unlikely to take off as UK's flexible labour market continues to contain skills shortages & pay pressures - new report – (CIPD:  Jobs cheer for the Chancellor presents headache for Home Secretary as official figures show modest fall in basic pay)

EHRC welcomes race equality in the workplace report

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