General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

ONS:  National Accounts changes: Impact on real GDP: 1997 to 2012 – (ONS:  Non-dairy milk, gin & cycle helmets added to the inflation basket)

Adam Smith Inst:  The ONS needs urgent review

PC&PE:  Public appointments process is still not transparent

PC&PE:  Article 50: 'Dereliction of duty' to fail to plan for 'no deal'

PC&PE:  Improvements needed to the commercialisation of university research

PC&PE:  Customs admin and delays a serious concern for firms after Brexit

PC&PE:  Radical thinking needed on future of National Citizen Service

PC&PE:  Government lacks plan for achieving commitments on equality

PC&PE:  Government must ensure UK benefits from Autonomous Vehicles

PC&PE:  Government's suicide prevention strategy needs greater focus on implementation

PC&PE:  Still too easy for PM to disregard Cabinet procedures

PC&PE:  Brexit: environment & climate change report debated by Lords

NAO:  Delivering Carrier Strike

DWP:  Unemployment rate falls to lowest since 2005 – (DWP:  Household incomes remain highest on record)

ScotGov:  Babies’ first names, most common surnames and the ethnicity of people who died – (ScotGov:  Mixed results in latest farm census)

NIESR: GDP growth of 0.6% in 3 months ending in February 2017

IFG:  Policy reinvention leads to huge waste and little progress – (IFG:  Civil service will face fresh challenges after Article 50)

IFG:  Statement - National Insurance u-turn ~ IEA:  Hammond should scrap NI Contributions altogether ~ TUC: Chancellor’s announcement is welcome opportunity to look at impact of self-employment

Kings Fund:  NHS financial pressures are having a widespread but often unseen impact on patient care

IFS:  No decline in educational achievement of graduates entering teaching & health jobs, despite squeeze on public sector pay

JRF:  Tees Valley mayor - Tackling poverty can help region’s economy thrive – (JRF:  Liverpool City Region mayor: Prosperity must reach all boroughs after May's election)

NEF:  £115m of budget cash for social care will go to investors in five biggest firms

CCC: UK climate action has reduced emissions without increases in household energy bills