General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

ONS:  Small Area Model-Based Income Estimates 2011/12 – (ONS:  Civil Partnerships in England and Wales, 2014 ~ Public Sector Finances, September 2015 ~ ONS:  Trend in life expectancy at birth and at age 65 by socio-economic position based on the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification, England & Wales, 1982—1986 to 2007—2011)

PC&PE:  New pension freedom to choose "not enough" without support

NAO:  The management of adult diabetes services in the NHS: progress review – (NAO:  Major Projects Report 2015 & the Equipment Plan 2015 to 2025 ~ MoD publishes equipment plan update & welcomes independent report)

National Ombudsmen:  All options should be considered when protecting potentially vulnerable children

PC&PE:  Flaws in rushed psychoactive substances legislation

Ofsted:  Too many apprenticeships not meeting the needs of young people, employers or the economy

PHE:  New evidence review of measures to reduce sugar consumption

ScotGov:  Delayed discharge statistics – (CMO comments on winter mortality in Scotland 2014-15 ~ Knife crime in Glasgow continues to fall ~ ScotGov:  AAIB report on Clutha tragedy)

Audit Scotland:  Fundamental changes are needed to NHS services as pressures continue to rise ~ ScotGov:  Response to Audit Scotland's 'NHS in Scotland 2015' report

WAG:  Drug deaths in Wales fall by 30% - (WAG:  Cannabis, smoking & drinking rates fall, wellbeing improves in school-aged children)

FRC publishes Corporate Reporting Review Annual Report

GDS:  I became a civil servant by accident

Business must get better at telling its great tax story – CBI

IEA :  Rt Hon Liam Fox MP - The Road to Honest Money

PX:  Take money from universities to support technical education

Civitas:  British trade has much to gain outside the EU

Reverse proposed tax credit cuts now, says Adam Smith Institute

Coal is choking and renewable energy growing says new WWF report

CIPD:  Focus on short-term means next corporate scandal already in pipeline, according to new research

Unicef:  Support breastfeeding to reduce effects of poverty, says new report

TechnologyOne knows UK Fire and Rescue