General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

NAO:  Protecting information across government

WAO:  Welsh Government programme to modernise schools is generally well-managed

ScotGov:  Employment level (16+) in Scotland increased to the highest level on record – (ScotGov:  Provisional Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2016 ~ ScotGov:  Increase in landings)

HM Land Registry:  April 2017 Transaction Data

The King's Fund responds to Theresa May's announcement on social care costs

RUSI:  General Election 2017 - Pledges Softly Made in the Foreign Affairs & Defence Sections of the Manifestos – (RUSI:   Emmanuel Macron, Britain and European Security: Preliminary Indicators)

Open Europe:  Conservative immigration plans reinforce the need for a Global Britain after Brexit - (Open Europe:  Labour adopts ‘cake and eat it’ position on single market and free movement ~ Open Europe:  ECJ ruling on Singapore deal offers easier route to a broad UK-EU trade deal)

Collaborate:  Co-operative places: the five foundations of local change – (Collaborate:  From public services to “services to the public”: the three elements of contemporary welfare)

IPPR:  We have a one-dimensional education system in a multi-dimensional world

CIPD responds to The Conservative Party manifesto

Demos’ Head of Modern Economy response the Conservative Party Manifesto

Adam Smith Inst:  Undermining encryption will make us less safe and do nothing to stop ISIS – (ASI:  Unionising Deliveroo riders will hurt them and the wider economy)

CSJ:  Manifesto week - Is this the social justice election?

Digital Self Service Report 2018: Download Your Copy Here