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‘HAL’ graduates from rogue space computer to ‘2017; A Global Trade Odyssey’

New measures to support Britain’s world-leading AI sector are set to be announced as part of a bold Digital Strategy to boost growth & deliver a thriving, outward-looking digital economy that works for everyone. 

Accenture has estimated AI could add in the region of £654bn to the UK economy by 2035. So the Strategy builds on the plan set out in the Government’s Industrial Strategy to capitalise on Britain’s existing strengths and back new technologies where the UK can take a lead.

Britain already has a competitive advantage in Artificial Intelligence, with some of the world’s most innovative AI companies based here and a rich ecosystem of investors, employers, developers and clients. It is a fast-growing area for research and commercial investment, including by major global digital companies, and was identified as one of the technologies that could be supported through the Government’s new Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and the Challenger Business Programme.
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