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Hopefully more joined-up working will help reduce this problem

A new set of inspections will examine how local partner agencies - including local authorities, health & probation services and the police - are working together to protect children living with, or at risk of, neglect.  The series of 6 joint targeted area inspections (JTAI) involving Ofsted, Care Quality Commission (CQC), HMI Constabulary and HMI Probation will begin in May 2017.

JTAI assess how effectively agencies are working together in their local area to help and protect children.  Each set of joint inspections also evaluates the multi-agency response to a particular issue or theme.  Guidance published last week sets out how the inspections will work in practice.  Uniquely for this JTAI, inspectors will also speak with school leaders & staff to get a wider picture of how neglect is identified and referred.

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