ICT and Data Management / Security (Archive)

techUK:  Cyber Connect 2 InfoSecurity Europe 2016 Competition – (techUK submits evidence to Public Bill Committee on Investigatory Powers Bill ~ techUK:  Ofcom Publishes 2016/17 Annual Plan ~ techUK:  Why the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is important)

GDS:  An open letter to our new Advisory Board

Ofcom:  Get the local low-down on mobile and broadband …just put in a postcode

CESG:  New companies join the Certified Cyber Consultancy Scheme

BCS:  Auditors are humans - use their skill to improve your information security – (BCS:  Sharon Goldwater announced as winner of BCS Roger Needham Award)

SOCITM:  Councils should review information governance arrangements ahead of impending changes to data protection & online privacy laws

UK online centres:  Funding to support businesses with digital skills

AXELOS:  Cyber security strategy of many UK law firms leaving them at risk of attack - (AXELOS:  A cyber resilience Q&A with Karoliina Ainge, head of Estonian cyber security policy - Part 2 ~ AXELOS:  Adopting a value-based, outside-in approach to ITIL ~ AXELOS & Quint Webinar - ITIL® Practitioner Training & Certification)

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