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Instead of imposing the controversial, noisy & dubiously beneficial HS2 on the Shires, why not start with the ‘urgently needed’ HS3 & other road / rail improvements in the North

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has published its 3rd report: High Speed North’.  In October 2015, the NIC was asked to advise on strategic improvements to transport connectivity in the North.  Their central finding is that the North needs immediate and very significant investment for action now and a plan for longer term transformation to reduce journey times, increase capacity and improve reliability.

On rail, this means kick-starting HS3, integrating it with HS2 and planning for the redevelopment of the North’s gateway stations.  On roads, investment should be brought forwards for an early boost in capacity on the M62, the North’s most important east-west link, alongside funding to identify & assess proposals for tackling a range of other strategic challenges.  High Speed North makes practical recommendations to this end.

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