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No real mention of Brexit and the consequent reduction in funds!

The EC has proposed the 2017 draft EU Budget of €134.9bn in payments focusing on the 2 main policy priorities for Europe:

*supporting the ongoing recovery of the European economy

*addressing the security & humanitarian challenges in our neighbourhood

Increased funding will go to investments in growth, jobs & competitiveness in the EU as well as to securing the necessary resources to protect the external borders of the EU, to reinforce security inside & outside the Union, to provide support for the reception & integration of refugees, and to address the root causes of migration in the countries of origin and transit. 

MEPs also call for the introduction of one or several new “own resources”;

*a reformed VAT

*a Financial Transaction Tax

*a reformed EU Emissions Trading System

*the phasing out of all forms of rebates

Editorial comment:  One would have thought there would be some forward planning for the loss of UK contribution and one notes they want to get rid of our rebate!
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