Policy Statements and Initiatives (Archive)

Foreign Secretary condemns terrorist attack in Somalia – (FCO:  Troika statement on declaration of AU, IGAD and UN on South Sudan ~ FS  statement following increased fighting in eastern Ukraine ~ FCO:  Presidential executive order on inbound migration to US ~ Minister for the Middle East statement on settlement units in the West Bank ~ FCO:  UK encourages sound business regulatory environment in Zambia ~ FCO:  Mozambique learning of UK Oil and Gas expertise)

DIFD:  UK scales up humanitarian relief efforts in Somalia

10DS:  Time to Talk Day 2017 - Prime Minister's message

Cabinet Office:  Government Property Conference 2017: Chris Skidmore speech – (CO:  Government property reductions deliver £bns to public purse)

Home Office:  Local alcohol action areas will tackle alcohol related harms – (HO:  Policing & Crime Bill receives Royal Assent ~ HO:  Government commissions full statutory inspection of Avon Fire & Rescue Authority)

DExEU:  Opening statement on Second Reading of EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill ~ DExEU:  Closing statement on Second Reading of EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill ~ DExEU:  A 'new, positive and constructive' partnership with the EU ~ DExEU:  Exiting the EU: Ministerial statement 2 February 2017

BEIS:  More people to receive help to stay warm in their homes thanks to new energy reforms – (BEIS:  Business Secretary announces industrial strategy investment in science, research & innovation)

DIT:  UK to boost jobs & trade for world’s poorest countries

DfE:  Universities opt in to the Teaching Excellence Framework – (DfE:  New report offers guidance to support disabled students)

DWP:  Greater Manchester and London handed new disability powers – (DWP:  Employment boost for older workers ~ DWP:  Benefit cap restores fairness to the system)

Defra:  New plans to crack down on backstreet puppy breeders

DfT:  Major step forward in building a global Britain as public has its say on airport expansion

CLG:  £Multi-million cash boost to help create local jobs & growth

ScotGov:  Investing in growth and public services – (ScotGov:  Funding to deal with impact of flooding ~ ScotGov:  Boost for action to tackle litter ~ ScotGov:  Jobcentre Plus closures ~ ScotGov:  Easing high demand for allotments ~ ScotGov:  Understanding forced marriage in Scotland ~ ScotGov:  Scotland in Europe ~ ScotGov:  Supporting households in times of crisis ~ ScotGov:  Pupil Equity Funding ~ ScotGov:  EU vital to NHS & social care services ~ ScotGov:  FM becomes “First Mentor” ~ ScotGov:  Green Investment Bank (reply) ~ ScotGov:  Brexit threat to human rights ~ ScotGov:  Protection for tax payers ~ ScotGov:  Budget boost for economy & public services ~ ScotGov:  Scottish Parliament to vote on UK Government's Article 50 Bill ~ ScotGov:  Closing the attainment gap)

WAG:  “Bovine TB at ten year low, but we must work together to eliminate disease” – Wales’ Chief Veterinary Officer – (WAG:  Primary schools encouraged to make ‘Daily Mile’ a runaway success ~ WAG:  FM welcomes the PM to Cardiff for Brexit talks ~ white paper ~ WAG:  Latest categorisation figures show school improvement ~  WAG:  New authority to oversee skills and the HFE sectors in Wales ~ WAG:  Local Government Reform White Paper unveiled ~ WAG:  Lesley Griffiths to hear views on Securing Wales’ future ~ WAG:  Proposed changes to supply teaching in Wales published)

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