Policy Statements and Initiatives (Archive)

Foreign Secretary statement at the UNSC meeting on North Korea – (FCO:  "The Syrian Regime are using starve or surrender tactics.  That is abhorrent and a clear breach of International Humanitarian Law" ~ FCO:  UK statement on political developments in Macedonia ~ FS visits Libya and Tunisia)

DIFD:  UNESCO - UK Explanation of Vote (EoV) concerning the Jerusalem and Culture resolutions

10DS:  PM statement following talks with Japanese PM Abe: 28 April 2017 – (10DS:  PM statement on His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh: 4 May 2017)

Defra:  New air quality plan published for consultation

ScotGov:  £8.35m to support urban regeneration in the heart of Glasgow – (ScotGov:  Green home loans)

WAG:  Online assessments set to replace paper for national reading & numeracy tests – (WAG:  Cabinet Secretary gives the Royal Welch a shot with grant)

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