Policy Statements and Initiatives (Archive)

FCO:  Baroness Anelay closing statement on the 33rd Human Rights Council – (FCO:  Minister for the Middle East statement on the new Government in Jordan ~ FCO:  Minister for the Middle East statement on plans to construct a new settlement in the West Bank ~ FCO:  UK is here to stay ~ FCO:  UK-Cayman Islands partnership secure for the future ~ FCO:  "The migration crisis remains one of our greatest shared challenges" ~ FS welcomes the next United Nations Secretary-General ~ FCO:  UK concerned by Russian Government’s decision to label the civil society organisation Memorial as a “Foreign Agent")

DIFD:  UK sets out long-term support for stable, secure & prosperous Afghanistan to 2020 – (DIFD:  British High Commission Supports the Reform of Sierra Leone’s Criminal and Seditious Libel Laws ~ DIFD:  British experts sent to help victims of Hurricane Matthew ~ DIFD:  UK-Kenya Renewable Energy conference)

10DS:  Rosh Hashanah 2016: Theresa May's message – (10DS:  Black History Month 2016: Theresa May's message)

Cabinet Office:  How Birmingham City Council is working to build a stronger democracy

HM Treasury:  Further certainty on EU funding for hundreds of British projects

DfE:  Government plans to make the UK one of the most digitally-skilled nations – (DfE:  Social mobility package unveiled by Education Secretary ~ DfE:  More young people in apprenticeships than ever before)

DWP:  Overseas pension transfers and the advice requirement

CLG:  Sajid Javid and Philip Hammond: Let’s get Britain building

DfT:  UK secures historic deal to combat global aviation emissions

ScotGov:  Green space funding – (ScotGov:  First Minister to speak at Arctic Circle Assembly ~ ScotGov:  £1.5m for Community Choices Fund ~ ScotGov:  Over £3m to improve passenger comfort & accessibility on our railways ~ ScotGov:  Europe and the environment ~ ScotGov:  Protecting animal welfare ~ ScotGov:  Provisional Budget date confirmed ~ ScotGov:  50 actions to achieve a fairer Scotland ~ ScotGov:  Clarity on unfair sanctions ~ ScotGov:  More funding for young farmers ~ ScotGov:  Making things last ~ ScotGov:  Underground coal gasification blocked ~ ScotGov:  Action on child refugees ~ ScotGov:  International action on climate change ~ ScotGov:  Scottish creative sector could miss out on £1.5bn)

WAG:  Working together to reform local government - Cabinet Secretary sets out building blocks for more resilient local authorities – (WAG:  FM welcomes structural funds announcement ~ WAG:  Attainment gap closes again ~ WAG:  Recycling in Wales doubles in a decade)

WAG:  Delay to public inquiry will not impact on M4 project completion date ~ Wales Office:  M4 inquiry - UK Government statement

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