Policy Statements and Initiatives (Archive)

FCO:  Mark Field's speech at the Asian-European Meeting, Myanmar – (FCO:  "Let us stand together in our commitment to end the exploitation of human beings and safeguard the dignity of those who are most vulnerable" ~ FS statement on resignation of Robert Mugabe ~ FCO:  Vietnam to develop its children’s math and digital skills with UK support ~ FS welcomes Ratko Mladić’s conviction for Srebrenica Genocide ~ FCO:  End of session statement for UNGA 3rd Committee)

HM Treasury:  Autumn Budget 2017: 25 things you need to know ~ HMT:  Autumn Budget 2017 - Philip Hammond's speech ~ HMT:  £1.2bn boost to the Welsh Government’s budget ~ HMT:  UK Government Budget delivers for Scotland ~ HMT:  £660m injection into Northern Ireland Executive’s budget at Autumn Budget)

CLG:  Budget delivers devo deal and transport boost for North of Tyne

DIFD:  UK stands by Caribbean & Overseas Territories

10DS:  Record boost to R&D and new transport fund to help build economy fit for the future – (10DS:  PM meeting with Sinn Fein and the DUP: 21 November 2017)

Cabinet Office:  Chancellor to unlock hidden value of government data – (Cabinet Office:  Baroness Shields' speech: the reality of young life behind screens)

DExEU:  David Davis' update to the House of Commons on EU negotiations – (DExEU:  David Davis concludes visit to Estonia)

Defra:  Avian influenza (bird flu) in winter 2017 to 2018 – (Defra:  Environment Secretary confirms sentience of animals will continue to be recognised and protections strengthened when we leave the EU)

DfT:  £30m to improve road safety for communities along HS2 route

DCMS:  Culture Secretary reaffirms UK commitment to strong Italian cultural relationship

ScotGov:  Attitudes to young people – (ScotGov:  ‘One Card’ library pass ~ ScotGov:  Advisory Council on Women & Girls ~ ScotGov:  Independent review of student support ~ ScotGov:  Arctic Strategy for Scotland ~ ScotGov:  Look north for fairness and growth ~ ScotGov:  Minimum unit pricing ~ ScotGov:  UK budget must meet Scottish budget tests ~ ScotGov:  Budget falls short for Scotland ~ ScotGov:  A Fairer Scotland ~  ScotGov:  Culture Secretary comments on Dundee 2023 bid ~ ScotGov:  Scotland and Ireland ~ ScotGov:  Tackling violence against women and girls)

WAG:  "Physical punishment has no place in a modern and progressive Wales” ~ WAG:  Further calls for devolution of Air Passenger Duty to Wales ~ WAG:  UK government must commit to key Welsh infrastructure projects & future investment – (WAG:  New Routes to Showcase the Best of Wales ~ WAG:  Cadw to remain in Government as it builds on record year ~ WAG supports White Ribbon Day ~ WAG:  Carers Rights Day: Welsh Government unveil new plans to improve the lives of carers ~ WAG:  New Accessible Information Standard to ensure people with sensory loss can access information that ‘Makes Sense’)

OSSW:  “Wales must be ready to respond to dynamic devolution in England”

2021 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit: 22-23 September 2021