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Practical Steps to Real Cyber Security
By Sir Kevin Tebbit KCB CMG (Former Head of GCHQ)

'As the global digital economy becomes a growing reality at a local level The Public Sector should prepare cyber and security strategies to become Hacker Hardened’

THE NEW PRIME TARGET: Hackers are increasingly targeting local and central government, recognising the rich opportunity to exploit the move towards the wider use of digital services.

CALM VOICE OF REASON: The Cyber Security space is very noisy and you would be forgiven for being deafened by the racket. There are just a few practical steps that you can and should take to mitigate the risk for your organisation.

JUST THE ESSENTIAL FACTS PLEASE: In this paper, Sir Kevin Tebbit (former head of GCHQ) argues that, as part of the necessary approach, local government should be given a specific remit for cyber resilience, with both executive and political accountability. 

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