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They have lived through it!

Severe flooding is now an expected feature of life in many parts of the UK and is the country’s most serious ‘natural’ hazard with more than 5m properties at risk.  At least 16,000 homes have been flooded so far during the winter of 2015/6 (costing £5bn+.  Children & young people are known to be acutely affected during & after floods. Understanding children’s perspectives is a vital part of the process of building resilience.  A better understanding of how flooding & other disasters affect children & young people can inform more effective policy, enhance resilience and reduce the impact of future emergencies.

The research project ‘Children, young people and flooding: recovery & resilience’ worked with 2 groups of flood-affected children & young people. The children developed Flood Manifestos and a 6 minute film, outlining their policy recommendations for more effective local & national flood prevention, mitigation & adaptation.

ESRC:  Flooding & resilience - the role of children and young people

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