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Well it makes better sense than just ‘bill the middle-class who have savings’

NHS Trusts should sell surplus land next to hospitals to build enough care homes and supported living apartments to meet increasing demand, Paul Burstow MP says.  The former Care Minister argues this is just one of many reforms urgently needed by the care sector in a speech announcing the findings of Demos’ Commission on Residential Care.

Less than 40% of land held by NHS trusts is currently being used for hospitals & medical buildings, leaving over 5,000 hectares potentially available for other purposes such as care accommodation.  This would also ease the strain on the NHS, where around 30% of acute hospital beds are filled with people who don't need acute care and could be better supported in a care setting.

The report also calls for incentives, such as expedited planning permission and reduced purchase prices, to sell surplus land to providers who reserve a percentage of space for state-funded residents care, or contribute to local authority services.

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