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What is the state of ‘God’s waiting rooms’?

The Competition & Markets Authority has recently launched a market study into care homes for the elderly, to review how well the market works and whether people are treated fairly.  By its very nature, the need to find a care home can come at a distressing time, with decisions taken in challenging circumstances.

The CMA’s study will assess how people find the experience of choosing a care home, explore whether the current regulation & complaints system gives residents adequate protection, and examine how well care homes are complying with their obligations under consumer law.

As part of this, the CMA will look very closely at reports of potentially unfair practices and contract terms being used by some care homes to assess how widespread these concerns are, how they are affecting residents, and whether they are likely to breach consumer law.

There are currently 430,000 older people in care & nursing homes in the UK and the CMA would particularly like to hear from care home residents and their relatives who have encountered issues such as unexplained or ‘hidden’ charges, unexpected fee increases, confusing requests for ‘top-up’ payments, or occasions when they feel that complaints have not been handled fairly.
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