More Means More

WiredGov currently delivers more news from more departments and agencies to more subscribers than any alternative UK Government/Public Sector news alert service currently available. Our independent status enables us to deliver numerous feeds that are not and will never be available on GOV.UK, for example Scottish GovernmentWelsh GovernmentInformation Commissioner's Office (ICO)National Audit Office and EU news to name but a few!

Digital by Default Communication

For many of our 150+ government stakeholders, we play an increasingly important role in fulfilling their ‘Digital by Default’ communications requirements in that WiredGov is their official, adopted email alert platform for news distribution and delivery.

An Inclusive Service

Our fully independent status gives us the freedom to work with and broadcast for and on behalf an unlimited mix of government and non-government stakeholder organisations.  Our only stipulation is that all WiredGov stakeholders are either publicly funded or from the 3rd Sector.

Continuous Growth

We proactively engage with and regularly launch new stakeholder departments and newsfeeds to the service, the majority of which being instigated by requests or direct feedback from our ever increasing audience.

To find out more about becoming a WiredGov stakeholder contact us on 0161 612 7929 or email  

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