As a 'Trusted Third Party' channel to Government, the WiredGov alert service operates a permission-marketing model, embedding the daily sponsor's message within all requested email alerts to our registered subscriber communities across all public sector verticals.

Audience Driven Campaigns

Being able to track subscriber activity, married to direct feedback and enquiries from our registered users, enables us to specifically target sponsors best positioned to address the public sector 'hot topics' of the moment. All sponsors are approved, accredited solution providers to the UK government and public sector markets with a proven track record of delivery, ensuring that all campaigns are relevant and of genuine interest to our pan-government audience. 

Optimising ROI

We work closely with our sponsors and proactively assist the campaign process to ensure that all campaign materials are relevant and of genuine interest to our pan-government audience, thus optimising response and ROI.

100% Delivery

Our sponsors appreciate the fact that WiredGov provides a unique channel to deliver their campaigns directly behind all government and public sector firewalls on a 100% requested basis and alongside official ‘must have’ news and announcements to an appreciative and loyal audience.

Selected Testimonial

Mastercard“WiredGov are driven by integrity which ensures that the team understand the message and develop honest, clear communications to their audience.  The campaign was effective in raising awareness and generating follow ups.  I would have no hesitation recommending WiredGov as an effective channel to communicate to the UK Public Sector and we look forward to developing more campaigns with them in the future.”
Public Sector Director, MasterCard

Many more testimonials available upon request.

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