Top Tendering Ideas – Authored by Stuart Naylor

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Whilst some tenders are seen as a drain on your resource to complete and appear more difficult to navigate than you would expect, there is a science, that if followed, will make the journey easier to achieve. This set of steps gives you that journey plan and tools to arrive with the outcome of a successful tender process.

Bid or No bid?

Is this right for you? Deciding to bid will take time and an investment potentially from your wider team so only say ‘Yes’ when you know it to be the right opportunity. How do you know if it is ‘the one?’ Ask questions of your capability and the Authority before making up your mind. The types of questions should include:

  • Does the Authority know me? – bidding cold is harder to win that those opportunities you have helped shape
  • Is the service or product one I have/can do and have done before? – A new entrant into a new market is the hardest sale to achieve
  • Have I references that will substantiate my suitability?
  • What is the price/quality score and what does it say about what the Authority is looking for? – an overriding focus on price means that is their focus, would you be the cheapest?
  • Is there anything in the specification that makes me think the competition has been favoured here or that the Authority is being unrealistic in their requirements? Time for a clarification question

You’ve decided to bid
What to do next?...

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Wired-Gov and Bids Partner Ltd
Here to help YOU win more Public Sector business

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Introducing Stuart Naylor:

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