industry news SME profile Sunday 02 Jul 2023 @ 16:26 Case Study: London Ambulance Service Driving Cost Efficiency Whilst Enhancing Medication Safety

Introduction: White Horse Scientific, in partnership with Logicall Wireless Solutions, has spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative to enhance medication safety within the London Ambulance Service (LAS). By deploying an innovative Automated Temperature Monitoring System (ATMS). This case study explores the successful implementation, outstanding results achieved, and a transformative impact on LAS operations.

Objective: The primary objective of the project was twofold: to ensure the safe storage and administration of medications and to drive cost savings by reducing drug wastage. Through the integration of advanced temperature monitoring technology, White Horse Scientific and Logicall Wireless Solutions aimed to fortify LAS's commitment to patient care, while simultaneously optimising resource allocation.

Solution Overview: Drawing on Logicall Wireless Solutions' expertise in IoT technology and White Horse Scientific's proficiency in healthcare solutions, the collaboration resulted in the development and implementation of a comprehensive ATMS. Logicall's independent IoT software provided a robust platform for data collection and analysis, while White Horse Scientific undertook the installation and maintenance of the system, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency: The implementation of the ATMS has resulted in substantial cost savings for LAS. Previously, tens of thousands of pounds were wasted annually due to drugs being discarded as a result of incorrect storage conditions. The introduction of the ATMS has brought about substantial cost savings.

With 38,584 hours saved annually by automating temperature monitoring across 53 sites, the estimated labour cost saving, based on a wage of £10.42 per hour, amounts to approximately £402,024.88 per year.

These cost savings can now be reallocated to other critical areas, further enhancing patient care and overall operational efficiency.

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