industry news Wednesday 29 Nov 2023 @ 09:00 Encryption for the Public Sector

With an ever-growing need for secure business communication and collaboration methods, email remains the primary channel for information sharing. However, the challenge for many in the public sector, including government departments, local government, government agencies and public bodies, is how to share and receive information securely with each other, third-party organisations, and citizens. Encryption is the answer, providing it is easy-to-use and as transparent as possible.

Business Problem – with Encryption can come Complexity

Today’s businesses run on information and collaboration. Collaboration which used to be internal is now just as likely to include external parties and while communication methods are established, the type of communication and the risks associated have also changed. With the advent of data breaches and the consequential legal fines, there is an imperative to reduce the risk. Encrypting emails ensures that messages intercepted cannot be viewed by anyone apart from the intended recipient.

However, with encryption can come complexity. There are different solutions for different business uses. The optimal solution required for inter-governmental / inter- department communications is different from that which can be used with citizens. Understanding the differences and benefits will help determine the most cost efficient and effective solution for the business problem which needs to be solved.

There are two common business problems which email encryption can resolve:

  1. Secure communication between government departments and third-party organisations.
  2. Secure communication between a government department and citizens.

For those organisations with large files to be transferred between organisations, a Managed File Transfer solution with advanced content scanning is becoming more commonplace.

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