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Futuresight is a full-service market research agency.  The majority of our work is focused on regulatory issues in the telecoms market and, in particular, customer fairness and competition.  As an example, Futuresight has worked regularly with Ofcom over the past 10 years on a wide range of high profile projects among consumers and stakeholders.

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Consumer Engagement with Communications Services

Background:  In-depth qualitative research was required to better understand the consumer experience of engagement in the communications services market.  The need in particular was to explore and assess the factors that both prevent and facilitate a shift, in consumer attitudes and behaviour, from inaction and passivity to interest and active engagement.

Key insights:  We discovered a range of barriers to engaging with the communications markets that are, for the most part, symptomatic of a lack of trust.  These were lack of perceived price transparency, difficulty in comparing products and offers due to perceived complexity and lack of comparability.  During a shopping around task, nearly half of our study participants did not feel able to make an informed decision and considered it preferable to stay with their current provider, despite paying more than they needed to.  Potential options to improve engagement related to greater ease in comparing deals on a like-for-like basis, more transparency and simpler tariff structures. In addition, a strong demand was evident for an end-of-contract-notification (ENC) of any price increase or change to their service before these came into effect.  Combined, these measures acted well to both increase confidence and spur people to shop around.

What we did:   Our research included a task that asked participants to shop around to find the best deal.  In this, our particular focus was on key drivers and barriers to engagement and specific methods used to shop around.  We also showed participants a range of potential options, including an end of contract notification to assess whether this encouraged greater engagement. A total of 176 consumers took part in a series of initial and reconvened focus groups and individual interviews.

Link to published research:  Consumer Engagement with Communications Services, April 2018

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Opportunities for growth in the digital revolution are created by those who adapt to the way that consumers are changing

For the past 15 years, Futuresight has helped its clients generate sustainable value through deep, robust and reliable understanding of changes in consumer behaviour.

It is one thing to see changes.  It is more difficult to fully understand what these changes are, what impact they can have, and what opportunities they can create.

Our expertise is in helping market professionals navigate through the turbulence and disruption of the digital revolution by identifying and interpreting change – before it happens and as it happens.

We help our clients to achieve sustainable growth through…

•  Reputation (among customers, employees and stakeholders)

•  Fairness, transparency and corporate responsibility from both a consumer and regulatory point of view

•  New customer acquisition

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