industry news Friday 14 Feb 2020 @ 12:30 YPO launches first public sector drones framework

YPO, one of the UK’s largest public sector buying organisations, has announced the launch of its new Drones and Associated Products and Services framework for the emergency service and the wider public sector. The first of its kind.

In June 2019, YPO was approached by the Home Office to discuss a gap in public procurement. The emergency services, particularly the police and the fire and rescue service were unable to purchase drones and other services via a compliant route to market. The importance of developing technology and how drones could support emergency and public services was increasing and a solution was needed. YPO worked closely with the Home Office, the police and the fire and rescue services to agree on the structure of the framework that is fit for the emergency services and the wider public sector. 

The new framework is a tool to support the emergency services, blue light and other public sector bodies in purchasing drones and associated products and services. Customers will be able to purchase drones and their accessories, whilst having access to other services such as the hire of drones and their pilots to inspect buildings or landscaping, drones repairs and maintenance, training services and licencing. 

Sarah Earl, Category Buyer for Emergency Services and Blue Light at YPO said; “We’re the first public sector buying organisation to launch a framework of this kind. It was a pleasure to work with the Home Office, the Police and the Fire and Rescue Services to bring the latest UAV/drones technology and services as a valuable asset to the emergency service and wider public sector.”

Mark Callaghan, National Police Drones Operational Lead and Tim Murrell, National Fire Operational Lead said; “The National Police Chiefs Council and National Fire Chiefs Council are pleased to have the support of YPO in developing the national drone procurement framework. Having a framework in place enables forces and services to purchase or hire drones ancillary equipment and services more efficiently, providing best value.”

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