COVID-19 Response: Navigating the Pandemic in Government

The global COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented public health and operational challenges for organisations ranging from, but not limited to, schools, local hospitals, local authorities, and central government.

While the world is working together to stop the spread, improve test and treatment outcomes and protect the most vulnerable populations, data serves as an invaluable resource. It helps implement measures to slow the virus’ spread, maintain and provide essential infrastructure and services, all while encouraging us not to give in to panic and fear.

To help organisations navigate the current situation easier, Splunk has created insights, actionable guidance and a curated list of purpose-built solutions to assist with this new operational model.

In the following document we have shown how Splunk can support challenges your organisation may be facing in the following areas:

  • Increasing Situation Awareness
  • Enabling Remote Working & Operations
  • Mitigating Cyber threats 
  • Scalability and Flexibility

‚ÄčUsing publicly available data to help track the global spread of COVID-19, Splunk has also launched a new dashboard to engage its customer and user community so they can populate it with their own data, and use it to help get a better understanding of the data behind the pandemic.

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