How Lambeth Council undertakes effective know your citizen (KYC) / ID checks to prevent fraud

Pre-Automated ID Check Challenges at Lambeth: In the past, Lambeth Council relied on citizens to provide proof of their identity to validate their claims and verify eligibility for services applied for to minimise and prevent fraud.

Of course, not everyone holds identification. Even for those with identification, some applicants are unable to get to Lambeth’s offices to present it, or able to acquire photocopies of their ID due to lack of support and vulnerability.

Also, the requirement for manual ID checks was significantly lengthening the user journey, when most low and most medium risk claims could go to payment straight away.

The Solution:  To securely speed up the process of identity verification for those claiming Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support, Lambeth started using Melissa’s ‘Know your Citizen’ (KYC) automated electronic ID verification (eIDV) service in April 2022.

Using this automated eIDV service, claimants’ name, address and date of birth are all matched and verified in real-time. Additionally, all KYC, anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance requirements are met.

Key Outcomes:

  • Delivery of speedier, improved services to individuals accessing services/benefits
  • Lambeth Council realised significant savings whilst automatically preventing fraud
  • Improved efficiencies and processes, along with reduced susceptibility to fraud, benefits all tax-payers

Mairéad Brophy, Performance Manager, Digital & Data, Residents & Enabling Services at Lambeth Council, commented:

“Moving from manual to automated ID checks using Melissa’s eIDV service has brought with it a huge number of benefits….
… “Now, more than ever, we are very confident in our ability to prevent fraud and protect tight budgets, all at a lower cost compared to when we implemented manual ID checks”

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