Information Governance Made Simple: e-Learning Courses by the Public Sector for the Public Sector

As we approach the 1st anniversary of GDPR, it’s important to assess your organisation’s current position and progress over the past 12 months, as well as ensure your staff are justly equipped with the information and training required to satisfy the ICO.

IG Solutions is Leeds City Council's dedicated team of information governance professionals with over 20 years experience delivering Information Governance in the public, private and third sector, responsible for meeting the statutory information governance requirements of over 15,000 staff across the council and its 99 elected members.

Already in use by over 74,000 employees across the public sector such as the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities), Sheffield City Council and Aberdeen City Council, they have expertly designed a series of core Information Governance products thanks to their team's wide experience in data protection and information management.

Information Governance Start-up Pack:

One minute guides on information management which act as a quick one-stop shop for your staff, along with templates and checklists, data protection impact assessment, self-audit tool, policies, as well as a GDPR step-by-step guide.

Information Governance E-Learning:

An interactive tool comprising of 6 modules designed to help staff understand the importance of information management and explain what they need to do to handle information safely and responsibly.

Elected Member Information Governance E-Learning:

A unique, targeted opportunity for elected members to develop their knowledge and understanding of GDPR and data protection requirements.

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