Preventing Unwanted Sensitive Data Acquisition on Government Networks

As public sector organisation, you will be acutely aware of the significant risks arising from ‘insider threat’ – malicious or inadvertent sensitive data leaks (from within). But, have you ever considered the risk from acquiring unwanted sensitive information through your digital collaboration channels and the additional risks this poses to your network?

The threat of unwanted sensitive data acquisition, the act of unintentionally receiving and storing critical information, is a ticking time bomb for data breaches in the future. In a world of digital collaboration and increasing legislation, the adage ‘ignorance is bliss’ won’t help, especially when it comes to data protection.

This paper explores the risks of sensitive data acquisition through the three most widely used digital business collaboration channels:

  • Email – receiving emails with sensitive information by mistake
  • Mobile – inadvertent sensitive data transfers onto the corporate network via mobile devices
  • Internet – acquiring unwanted sensitive data via website downloads.

In a post-GDPR world, government and public sector organisations are more aware than ever of the need to properly secure sensitive data and the consequences that breaches can cause. An important factor within this is understanding that receiving unwanted sensitive data onto the corporate network, if not appropriately secured, could lead to a €20 million fine.

Download your copy and learn how to mitigate against the risks of acquiring unwanted sensitive data on your network:

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