Professional Training - Aspiring Leaders Programme

Aspiring Leaders Programme:
Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality and unlock people’s potential to become better.

Professional development is an intrinsic factor for organisations in operating smarter and more efficiently. By helping employees master the skills they need to progress, you can shape the development of your future leaders. As an organisation which for many years has provided professional qualification training, CTSI understands the huge benefits that professional development provides to both employees and their own organisations.

Designed specifically for regulatory professionals, this online programme will focus on self-development, improving skills and equipping aspiring leaders with the tools and confidence to lead their teams and help them learn how to influence and inspire others.

The Programme: Is designed to build confidence and capabilities for officers who would like to develop the skills to take on more responsibility in the future, or who have recently started their first team leading role. It consists of four individual online bite-size sessions aimed at helping your future leaders to understand their responsibilities to themselves, to others around them and throughout their organisation. 

Over these sessions, we will build on the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to support current roles, as well as preparing them for leadership roles they aspire to hold in the future. All sessions are supported with online resources and materials available to download.

All sessions are delivered by Nikki Pasek MBE - who is an experienced trainer specialising in local authority regulatory leadership training and development with first-hand experience of the challenges of delivering services in these complex times.

Who is this programme for?: The programme has been designed to develop the skills and provide the tools required for new and aspiring managers and those looking to move into a leadership role. It is suitable for those:

  • at lower to middle management level
  • new to managerial or leadership role
  • aiming or expected to move into management
  • working in a management role with no formal management training
  • working in a team leader role i.e project manager, Senior TSO

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Chartered Trading Standards Institute

“I very much enjoyed the Aspiring Leaders Programme. The course was really interesting, engaging and informative. A perfect course for anyone looking to develop their skills and understand leadership. I have learnt a lot and will take much from this course to my position.”