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No matter the complexity of your environment or where you are on your IT modernisation journey, an IT operations automation strategy can help you improve existing processes.

Red Hat considers not just the automation technology, but the people and processes across the organisation. While automating your network may seem like a daunting task, you can start small and make incremental changes at your own pace. Focus on solving the contained, tactical problems that your teams face every day. Over time, evaluate progress by developing success criteria and specific goals for the organisation. A phased approach can keep people and processes aligned.

The British Army, as with many frontline services, depends on its IT to run smoothly, and this is particularly important for its Information Application Services (IAS) Branch. Based in the UK, this team delivers software applications, hosting, and web services to the British Army. By deploying Ansible automation software, all of the IAS IT environments - including development, test, pre production, and production - remain consistent.

Download our British Army case study to find out how automation can save you time and costs, increase quality, improve employee satisfaction, and meet the growing demands and needs of your stakeholders and citizens:

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