What's Holding Back Local Government Digital Adoption?

Exploring attitudes to new tech adoption in local government across the UK

Back in March 2017, the Department for Culture, Media & Sport published its Digital Strategy, designed to maintain the UK Government’s position as a world leader in serving its citizens online. This paper shows that significant progress has been made based on the responses by more than 1,000 local government staff.

The overwhelming majority of local government organisations have a digital strategy in place. And 82% of those working in local government say the introduction of new technology has a positive impact on their organisation. Collaboration tools like instant messaging and video conferencing have been widely adopted across local government, and 38% say they have already implemented a cloud-based computer system. Yet major challenges remain:

  • Budget and the perceived cost of new technology are seen as key barriers to the adoption of new technology.
  • Only 51% of respondents believe senior management understand the importance of new technology.
  • Just 21% think they invest enough money to stay up to date with the latest developments and more than a fifth (22%) say certain individuals in their organisation are holding back tech adoption to preserve the status quo.

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