Finding the way to ‘moderate’ the actions of extremists
At Ninestiles School in Birmingham, PM David Cameron last week set out his plans to address extremism.
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But it must happen!

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We must work together to defeat terrorism

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"Countering violent extremism is one of the most pressing international challenges that we face"

'While we must all take steps to tackle extremism overseas, we cannot lose focus of our domestic responsibilities'

Stop international terrorists preying on young British citizens

Common sense needed in tackling ‘extremism’ in schools

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Chatham House:  Extremism

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New funding & powers to tackle abuse in the charity sector

Adam Smith Inst:  Sliding towards a police state in response to extremism is just another form of radicalism

RUSI to Implement Project on Counter Violent Extremism for the European Union

NAO says Whitehall Must Improve Workforce Diversity….Here’s How

A recent Civil Service report has highlighted the benefits of an inclusive, equal and diverse workforce. Despite significant improvements in recent years, representation of people from three key backgrounds has been identified as lacking amongst Civil Servants, especially at senior levels. Jobsgopublic not only attracts over 1 million candidates working within, or looking to work in the UK Public Sector, but also attracts candidates from all diverse backgrounds, exceeding the UK national averages as per the table below:


Jobsgopublic Audience*

UK Statistics Authority**

Black/Minority Ethnic









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Osborne could have gone for the Finnish solution

The Chancellor has launched the ‘next stage in the government’s plan to fix the nation’s finances’, with the Chief Secretary has written to government departments asking them asking them to model two scenarios of 25% & 40% of savings within their resource budgets by 2019-20 (in real terms).  

Spending Review 2015: A country that lives within its means will be published on 25 November 2015 and will set out how the government will both invest in priority public services and deliver the £20bn further savings required to eliminate Britain’s deficit by 2019/2020.

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LGA:  Reducing Social rents will cost councils £2.6bn by 2019/20

LGA responds to Care Act delay

LGA responds to proposed 40% cuts

ScotGov:  Families hit by nearly £700m tax credit cut

CO:  Government drive to use land and property for growth

LGA:  Government drive to use land & property for growth

Finns Told Pay Cuts Only Way to Rescue Economy

Often it’s a case of ‘Woman’s inhumanity to girls’

A new study, funded by Trust for London and the Home Office, has been published just ahead of the one year anniversary of the Girl Summit, which was co-hosted by the UK & UNICEF. The report provides detailed estimates of FGM prevalence for each local authority area in England & Wales.  It builds on interim findings published by City University London and Equality Now in July 2014, which showed that an estimated 137,000 women & girls affected by FGM and born in countries where it is practised were permanently resident in England & Wales in 2011.  These figures are estimates and should be used as a guide.

The new research combined information from surveys in 29 countries where FGM is more commonly practised (and data are available) with information from the 2011 census about women who had migrated from those countries.  It found that the highest prevalence rates in the population were in London boroughs, with the highest number being 4.7% of women in Southwark and 3.9% in Brent, compared to 0.5% in England & Wales as a whole.

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A foreign cultural tradition that has no place in the UK

One ‘Traditional British Value’ that the government MUST enforce

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LGA & Barnardo's launch national scheme to end new FGM cases by 2030

African communities called on to end FGM in a generation

EC actions to fight FGM in the EU and worldwide

Zero tolerance for FGM

Ending FMG: Cardiff group praised for campaign

UK leads the way to eradicating FGM

Government launches consultation into mandatory reporting of FGM

Funding for frontline projects in fight to end FGM

Government action to help eliminate violence against women & girls

Vulnerable girls to be protected from FGM

New funding for FGM & forced marriage prevention

Health summit to equip the Welsh NHS to tackle FGM

Girl Summit 2014: outcomes & commitments

DFID & UNICEF host Nairobi Girl Summit

Call to charities working to end FGM & child marriage

New FGM measures launched to ‘care, protect, prevent’

New funding to protect millions of girls from child marriage

LGA - Community leaders must face prosecution for encouraging FGM

More health professionals needed to tackle FGM ‘national scandal’, says Unite

Boost school nurse workforce to tackle FGM, says Unite

New campaign calls on mothers and carers to end Female Genital Mutilation

Michael Gove: guidance for schools on female genital mutilation

Where else will apprentices get their ‘theoretical training’?

The decline in the financial health of further education (FE) colleges since 2010/11 was highlighted in a National Audit Office report last week.  With the number of colleges in financial difficulty expected to rise rapidly, there are fundamental structural problems which might require decisions at a regional or sector-wide level.

The NAO recommends that the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and the Skills Funding Agency now take a more strategic look at the implications of the rapid growth in the number of colleges in poor financial health, bearing in mind that without advances of funds & additional grants some would be in an even worse position.

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IPPR:  Budget’s student finance proposals will reduce government spending on higher education, but will raise debt for poorer students and repayments for most graduates

Skills emergency could 'starve growth' - CBI/Pearson survey

Some of the ‘brightest & best’ choose an alternative to university
Next year’s National Apprenticeship Week will run from 14 to 18 March 2016.  Co-ordinated by the Skills Funding Agency, employers, apprentices, business support organisations, colleges & training organisations and schools across the country will be encouraged to support the week by hosting activities to showcase the achievements & benefits of apprenticeships.
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Skills Funding Agency:  National Apprenticeship Week 2016 dates announced

Paid to train, no student debt, good employment prospects for both women & men and vital for future UK economic success

Skills + experience with no personal Bills

Most jobs DON’T & WON'T require a Degree, but they will be 'backed' by qualifications

Encouraging the UK’s Future Skill base
The deadline for applications to establish a university technical college (UTC) is 29 January 2016.  To help groups interested in opening a UTC, the DfE will publish guidance this autumn on the application process.
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DfE:  University technical college applications: deadline set

University Technical Colleges

Opening a UTC - GOV.UK

Watch short film "Why study at a University Technical College?"

And about time too!
A new investigation body, the Independent Patient Safety Investigation Service (IPSIS) is being created in response to the Morecambe Bay inquiry.  The new service will involve selecting incidents to investigate and to ensure lessons from serious failures are learned and acted on across the NHS to improve patient safety.  Events it will investigate include those involving high cost litigation, “never events”, and incidents such as medication errors and wider systemic failings. IPSIS will use expert led investigations and disseminate learning to other parts of the NHS.
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Patients Association:  New Independent Patient Safety Investigation body 'will operate without fear or favour'

Good practice saves lives

Achieving the best outcomes for the NHS requires ‘highlighting the worst’

Something for IPSIS to start with!
Healthwatch England have launched 'Safely Home: What happens when people leave hospitals & care settings?', which brings together 3,230 stories gathered by 101 local Healthwatch from across the country, revealing the human & financial cost of getting the discharge process wrong.   The report reveals 5 ways patients and care users say they are currently being let down by the system.
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Healthwatch England:  Getting hospital discharge right would stop suffering and save £ms

HL:  HealthWatch inquiry illustrates our call for action to ensure the safety of homeless people leaving hospital

Are we heading for a Federal solution?
The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Reform, Decentralisation and Devolution in the UK is calling for evidence after launching a far-reaching inquiry on devolution & constitutional reform.  The inquiry opened last week with a final report and recommendations to be submitted to the Communities Secretary Greg Clark MP, Minister for Constitutional Reform Oliver Letwin MP, the FM of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon MSP, the FM of Wales Carwyn Jones AM, and the FM of Northern Ireland Peter Robinson MLA, in March 2016.
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LGA:  Decentralisation and devolution inquiry opens

The law is not passive on this health issue
From 1 October 2015 it will be illegal to smoke in a car (or other vehicles) with anyone under 18 present.  The law is changing to ‘protect children & young people from the dangers of second-hand smoke’.  Both the driver & the smoker could be fined £50. The law applies to every driver, including those aged 17 and those with a provisional driving licence.  The law does not apply if the driver is 17 years old and is on their own in the car.
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DH:  Smoking in vehicles
Protection by design
The Government seeks views on providing public notice of registered design rights by marking relevant products with a website address.  UK designers will no longer have to include a design number on products to be confident they can recover damages for infringement under new proposals announced on 16 July 2015.  Making a false claim that a design is registered can result in a fine, so this proposed change would simplify the system for design owners & users.
Researched Links:

BIS:  Views sought on new measures to help designers protect their rights – (closes on 10 August 2015)

Our ‘rulers’ must be e-savvy
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT launched a series of Ministerial briefing papers.  It is keen to ensure that MPs & policy makers understand the fundamental changes that data & information will enable within education, policing, health & social care and help to improve the lives of every citizen.
Researched Links:

BCS calls for more MPs to grasp the technological challenges the UK faces

Do you think others will support your cause?
The House of Commons and the government has launched a brand new petitions website facilitating members of the public to electronically petition the House of Commons.  The website will allow users to create, publicise & sign petitions, with actions guaranteed at certain points in the process.  Petitions submitted to the site will be considered by a brand new committee made up of 11 MPs.
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CO:  New Petitions Committee offers the public a platform to press government & Commons for action
Communication, communication, communication!
Don’t lead potential clients ‘up the garden path’ by raising their expectations that you can help them when you cannot.
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GDS : Fail them faster

Worth talking about
A forum has been launched to support & champion the interests of Defence personnel who stammer and to raise awareness of the condition.  It is believed to be the first such network for Defence personnel anywhere in the world.
Researched Links:

MoD:  Defence Stammering Network launched

Help & encouragement can speed return
A new support service, designed to help working people who face long-term sickness absence return to work more quickly, is now available across the whole of England.  The free & confidential service, known as Fit for Work, will provide the services of occupational health professionals to employed people if they have been, or are likely to be, off work for 4 weeks or more.
Researched Links:

Fit for Work: New return to work service goes live to help GPs, employees & employers across England

CBI responds to fit for work scheme

Work Foundation:  Greater support needed for 7m older workers with chronic illness


 More contributions to the UK constitutional debate

More news, opinions, documents, claims & counter-claims;

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ScotGov:  Devolve social security and job creation powers

ScotGov:  Scotland Bill still needs amended

Law Society of Scotland welcomes introduction of Scotland Bill

LGA:  Decentralisation and devolution inquiry opens

NIESR:  The Economics of Constitutional Change

FM demands assurances on MSP communications


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Osborne has ordered Whitehall to draw up plans for 40% cuts, so government officials must now spend the summer crunching depressing numbers and producing horror stories to spook the Treasury, writes Matt Ross on the network this week. "Departments will compete to wave the most politically-poisonous ‘bleeding stump’ service cuts, in a bid to deflect the axe onto other parts of government". A pretty grim image, particularly if you were actually looking forward to your traditionally quiet August.

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Councils should take the devolution powers on offer – then fight for more
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Home, smart home: how safe will you really be in the house of the future?

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News in brief
• Osborne orders Whitehall to draw up plans for 40% cuts
• FGM affects females in every local authority in England and Wales
• Police Scotland pushes for centralised CCTV network
• Guardian hosted a Labour London mayoral hustings
• NHS ‘will fall well short of £22bn savings target’
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