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About Stratus Coaching

A proven, sought after and highly effective coach, using powerful business and personal coaching skills . Anna started coaching over ten years ago as part of her MBA and has enabled numerous clients to achieve their goals and ambitions, and fulfil their potential. 

Anna primarily works with middle and senior managers in both private and public sectors. Her coaching assignments include preparing managers for promotion, first 100 days in the role, improving results and personal performance. 

Anna is really passionate about her work and supports her client’s potential for positive change. She shows excellent insight into each individual client situation as well as into the wider context. Anna is a great communicator with a good sense of humour who would keep the pace lively and interesting in a workshop situation.   Anna will have lots of interesting tips, ideas and techniques to share and will be enthusiastic to learn more as well as willing to be flexible and try new approaches. She also has really high professional standards and comes from a place of integrity in all her dealings.  

Anna specialises in group coaching and 1:1 work for education, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. She brings with her a wealth of talent and experience gained over fifteen years in business, including Harrods, IBM and Rolls Royce. Recent corporate coaching clients include CitiBank,  Barclays Visa, Oracle, IBM, Capita Symonds,  National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Hull Trains, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police Service.   

Anna has written several coaching articles for magazines and is a business mentor for the Prince’s Trust.  She is a contributing author to various books, including  “Coaching in Education” (published 2012), “Developing Mental Toughness” (published 2014)  and has co-written a coaching book for parents, “Swings & Roundabouts” in conjunction with the University of East London which was published in the Autumn of 2013

Stratus offer one-to-one and group coaching in the following areas:

Leadership Coaching

We offer one-to-one leadership coaching for managers, leaders and executives to help them realise their business goals. During each session we’ll work towards improving performance, confidence and motivation, enabling individuals to better cope with the pressure of managing others.

We can also offer support for employees who are preparing for a promotion or settling into a new role. Each session offers a space for reflection and the opportunity to take a step back and focus on what’s going well, any changes that need to be made and plans for future development and success. At the end of the session, clients will come away with a renewed sense of direction and purpose, feeling motivated to achieve their goals.

Our coaching methods are objective, supportive and confidential. During each session, we’ll ask questions then offer feedback and insight based on our observations. Far from taking a one size fits all approach, we’ll tailor each session to suit your organisation’s requirements.

How can leadership coaching benefit your organisation?

A 2003 CIPD research report, a study by the International Coaching Federation, found that after introducing coaching into an organisation:

  • 68% of people reported increased self-awareness
  • 62% developed better goal-setting abilities
  • 57% reported lower stress levels
  • 40% improved their communication skills
  • 36% felt coaching had aided project completion
  • 33% experienced better relationships with co-workers

Mental Toughness

One of the many successful coaching methods we use at Stratus is based on a psychometric tool called Mental Toughness (MT).

Studies have shown that the higher a person’s MT, the better equipped they are to deal with the pressures, stresses and challenges of everyday life. Those with greater MT are more likely to adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude and have greater aspirations.

Increasing your MT will have a hugely beneficial effect on all areas of your personal and professional performance, increasing your ability to cope with difficult situations and to bounce back from them.

Working with both individuals and teams within an organisation, we measure toughness level using a psychometric tool called MTQ48. We’ll then work with you to improve in any necessary areas.

This method of coaching has been shown to improve performance in high-pressure environments, enhance capabilities, increase productivity and reduce stress-related absence.

What are the main benefits of increased Mental Toughness?

  • Improvement in individual performance by up to 25%
  • Better behaviour as individuals feel engaged and positive – consequently, they feel able to prioritise tasks and manage projects more effectively
  • Positive effect on wellbeing – encouraging feelings of contentment, aiding stress management and building self confidence
  • Raising aspirations – people with higher MT are more ambitious, prepared to manage risks and have higher expectations of themselves and others

Mental toughness is invaluable as a management development tool, helping employees to be more effective in all areas of their work and cope better with environmental stressors. It can also be used as an assessment tool during the recruitment and selection process, identifying the most important aspects of an organisation’s culture to ensure a better fit in areas critical for good performance.

Education Coaching (for Teachers, Parents and Teenagers)

Stratus provides education coaching for both primary and secondary schools, including:

  • One-to-one coaching for head teachers (experienced or new to the role)
  • Workshops and one-to-one support for senior leadership teams
  • Group coaching workshops for teaching staff on inset days and in twilight sessions
  • Parent coaching sessions
  • Mental toughness workshops for teenagers

Teachers and Education Staff

Increasingly, the education sector is recognising the benefits of using business coaching to support teachers in schools and colleges. The benefits of our coaching programmes for teachers and leadership teams are similar to that of our Leadership Coaching. We aim to help staff:

  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Develop better goal-setting abilities
  • Reduce their stress levels and instances of stress-related absence
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Improve relationships with co-workers


We regularly work with schools to improve the relationships between the school, parents and pupils. Our parent coaching programme is aimed at helping parents deal more effectively with family life. Taking the form of school-based workshops during the daytimes, in the evenings or on a one-to-one basis, these workshops focus on improving communication and listening. We’ll cover:

  • How to praise and encourage children effectively
  • The importance of being a good role model
  • Handling tantrums and difficult behaviours effectively

The overall aim of these workshops is to create happier families with less conflict, leading to a stress-free home life and better results from children at school.


Our coaching workshops for teenagers focus on increasing Mental Toughness (MT).

Young people with higher levels of MT are considered more employable – they’re more competitive and more likely to get the job they want.

Studies carried out in the UK & Holland suggest a close link between MT and young people’s performance in exams – in fact, around 25% of variation in test performance can be attributed to MT.

The higher a young person’s MT, the better they’re able to cope with everyday pressures, stressors and challenges. This translates into better attendance, reduced stress and fewer reported instances of bullying. Adopting a ‘can do’ attitude, they’re also more likely to engage in classroom activities and discussions.

Young people with high MT have greater aspirations and commitment – this is particularly important for economically deprived areas with high levels of unemployment.

Parent and Maternity Coaching

Working with forward-thinking organisations, we provide coaching workshops and one-to-one sessions for parents and carers of young children. We can run our workshops at your organisation, or arrange a training venue.

The aim of our parent and maternity coaching is to encourage diversity and make it as easy as possible for your organisations to implement best practices. We also want to ensure that you’re getting the most from your talent, whilst being seen as a great company that values its female workforce.

Parents will gain powerful coaching skills to achieve the results they want for their children. They’ll gain essential knowledge of how children learn best, and the importance of the family dynamic in a child’s growth and development.

Organisations will see increased engagement amongst their staff and greater productivity as employees feel supported and valued. Staff will be happier and feel more fulfilled, with new skills including coaching and listening to bring to the workplace.

Maternity coaching is specifically for organisations wanting to support female employees in balancing work and family life. During coaching, we’ll focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, introducing stress management techniques to reduce absenteeism and improve staff retention. Confident, positive and relaxed parents bring fewer worries to the workplace, meaning they’re more focused and productive during working hours.

All coaching programmes can be tailored to suit your organisation’s requirements and can be conducted over full days, half days or lunchtime seminars.

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At Stratus, we’re hugely passionate about the benefits of coaching. If you’d like to know more about how coaching could help you in your business or personal life, please contact us for a free consultation – don’t worry, there’ll be absolutely no obligation or pushy sales.


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