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Welcome to Leadership Evolution - improving performance through peace of mind

Do you lead a workforce that is as fully committed and engaged as it could be? Are you as fully committed and engaged as you could be?

Engagement is widely recognised as a significant issue for business today. Various pieces of research suggest that up to 75% of us are disengaged from our occupation. But every one in an organisation has a role to play, so how much potential is slipping through our fingers? How much could a more engaged workforce benefit your organisations bottom line? How much more content would you feel if you felt more engaged in your role, really adding value to what you do? Whatever position you find yourself in, with up to 75% of us being disengaged, you are clearly not alone.

There are two angles from which Leadership Evolution can benefit you as an organisation, or you as an individual.

The first is to develop leaders, and the second is to develop individuals and groups. Please head over to the specific pages for more information, but you are warned, they may be too blunt for you. They contain some uncomfortable truths. Whatever role you play, there are four key elements in developing our levels of engagement

  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Attitude
  • Control

Leadership Evolution can deliver one to one or group coaching, workshops and presentations, all designed to improve performance through increasing engagement.

Leadership and Engagement 

For many of us, having staff that are disengaged has a significantly negative effect on the potential of our organisation. It damages our bottom line, it damages growth and customer relationships, it damages relationships within the workplace. It damages the potential of our staff and of us as leaders. The problem can be even more acute when it involves a disengaged individual in a management position.

Individuals become disengaged for a whole variety of reasons, most of which are outside of our direct control. However, we absolutely carry the responsibility to increase the engagement in our workforce, a responsibility that all too often is either ignored, or is not seen in the first place. If this were not the case, we would have far fewer than 75% of our staff being disengaged. As leaders and managers, we are still just people, and it can be very difficult to see or accept that responsibility, but consider the following scenario…

You hire or promote someone. They were given the job based on their potential, but for a variety of reasons they are not fulfilling that potential. It is very difficult, sometimes impossible, for us to acknowledge that we made a mistake and should not have hired them. Instead, we blame the individual for failing to live up to the potential we believed they had. The third option which is often not considered, is that we have failed in our duty as a leader to help the individual realise their potential, and thereby securing them as a follower, and thereby obtaining their engagement. A difficult responsibility to accept, but one that true leaders can, once they are aware.

I offer the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of leaders in an organisation in developing this responsibility. Through individual or team coaching, workshops and presentations, I focus on developing the awareness of leaders to deal with engagement, ultimately focusing on how to develop the potential within their staff, much of which lies dormant.

If you think I can help, please get in touch so that we can talk through options that will add value for you. In the meantime, I’d be delighted if you would like to sign up for my newsletter, published fortnightly it contains views from some of the greatest business minds around how we engage with our staff, and maximise their potential.

Individual Engagement 

So you’re feeling frustrated? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, it can happen to anyone. I would go so far to suggest that it happens to everyone at some point in their career.

We tend to have fairly long careers, for some of us it is in just one or two organisations or industries, for others we have significant changes throughout our working lives. Add in what happens to us on a person basis outside of work, life can be fairly messy. Bad things happen, and it is very easy to lose the commitment or engagement with our careers.

When this happens, we lose our feeling of purpose. We lose sight of why we’re doing the job, we stop enjoying it, and we certainly don’t live up to our potential. All of these are key ingredients for us to have a great life. It is impossible to believe that we are having a great life, or lived a great life, if we regard our work as just something that pays the bills. It is a life half lived.

We must accept though, that not all of our disengagement is necessarily brought on by external factors. Some of our disengagement can occur simply because of how we view things, how perceive events to be. How we respond will very much dictate our levels of disengagement. To be blunt, we have a responsibility to those we work for, those we associate with, and our family to at least try to fulfil our potential and become more engaged.

The truth of the matter though, is that we often don’t see our disengagement as being our responsibility in any way. It is someone else’s fault they have done or not done something to us, are not supporting us, do not value us, and so the list goes on. Regardless, it is their fault, not ours.

This is where I can help and hopefully add some value. Through one to one or group coaching, workshops or presentations, I can help develop that sense of responsibility that we all have, often hidden at various depths, but we all have it. I can help develop that responsibility, commitment, attitude and sense of control that we all need to fully engage, and live a more fulfilling and contented life.

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