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DO PR with us.

Welcome to DO PR. We are straight-talking brand PR experts who equip in-house people with the knowledge and skills to either do PR themselves or employ the right agency to do it for them.


Are you outsourcing PR, but aren’t sure who you need, or if you’re getting a good return on investment? You need DO PR. 
Is your brand doing wonderful things? Want to tell the world, but aren’t sure how? You need to DO PR.
Or maybe you want to build a positive brand reputation, but don’t know where to start. DO PR.
Think PR is well out of your budget? Think again. DO PR.

We provide the training and tools to enable you to DO your own PR, rather than an external agency doing it for you. Why? It’s a fraction of the cost, and your passion will deliver the best results.

Our 1-day course costs £500+VAT and includes:

Intro to PR 
What it is
What it does
Why it works  
Areas of PR 
B2B / B2C
10 types of PR activity 
Photography / video
Using talent 
Creative brainstorming 
How to run a press office
How to get set-up / started
Tools and software required 
How to plan and evaluate PR
Impacting the business bottom line
Tracking results
Evaluating outcomes  


Lisa Malyon: Lead trainer and strategist

 Well-known for her award-winning and pioneering campaigns, Lisa has played an instrumental role in over 200 successful brand campaigns and strategies. As a PR agency owner, and passionate campaigner in her spare time, Lisa can take any unknown brand, individual or cause and position it centre-stage. Lisa’s creative ideas teamed  with her experience in local and national government relations delivers truly awe-inspiring campaigns that are always surprisingly affordable.

Tashia Cameron: Training and activation manager

 After spending six years as a press office manager for 30+ brands, Tashia is an expert in all things publicity and PR. Having joined Lisa at the start of her career, Tashia quickly learned the ropes, and became the best press office manager in the world, ever. No lie. With an incredibly mature head on young(ish) shoulders Tashia’s audience and media consumption knowledge spans everything, from grime to grannies and cabbies to childcare. What Tashia doesn’t know about running a slick press office isn’t worth knowing.


Lisa and Tashia have been our publicists for over eight years, and I always recommend their fantastic service to anyone who needs to raise brand awareness. Everything they do is above and beyond our expectations, and their can-do attitude and thrifty approach is catching. Laura Przybek - Head of Marketing, GPDQ

Lisa and Tashia were responsible for giving Kabbee an authoritative voice during one of the biggest media topics of the last decade - the controversies surrounding Uber. I went from studio to studio (Sky / CNBC), was filmed live in Trafalgar square (CNN) and had sizeable interviews published in national newspapers (The Times / Telegraph) just weeks after our relationship began. Justin Peters - Founder & CEO, Kabbee

We worked with Lisa and her team for over two years and they have always gone above and beyond their call of duty. Such a delightful experience and very pleased with everything we’ve accomplished together. In just two years our campaigns and content has been published over 250 times, including national TV interviews (BBC Breakfast reaching six million viewers, and Sky News). Michele Trusolino – COO, Debut

From the first day we appointed Sense they have been working relentlessly to generate awareness for Loco2. Lisa and Tashia always come up with great ideas and they support the business in every single aspect, understanding the needs and the opportunities that lie in front of us. Having the confidence that we can rely on their expertise and availability no matter the time or the day of the week is priceless. Cristina Astorri – Vice President of marketing, Loco2

Lisa and Tashia have a way of pushing people outside their comfort zones, always with an innate confidence that the campaign will be a success. The duo's creativity and energy are inspiring and their results are fast and always fantastic. Lisa created a full DIY training and execution package for over 170 Budgens retailers, which was a huge success. Felicity Callaghan - PR Manager, Budgens

Working with Tashia and Lisa has been a truly great experience. I’m always pleased with the high standard of their work and their commitment to going over and above for all of their clients. Their honest and clear communication makes them a trustworthy partner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody who is looking for PR services. Banwo Idowu – Founder, Youmi

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