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AUGERE offers a new approach to augmenting change and project teams: helping to shape the transformation approach upfront and then taking the administrative hassle out of recruitment, serving up high quality change and project teams with delivery management included as part of the service on offer.

We offer people and teams as an augmentation service to help our clients with major change programmes. You might be undertaking a digital transformation or a major mandated regulatory change and we can ease the pain by parachuting in an experienced team to give you a fast start or when you have a significant amount of work requiring temporary project staff as part of a portfolio of projects.

AUGERE provide interim or temporary project teams for change programmes

As the leader of the programme we will save you wasting your time sourcing and recruiting contractors. The time and effort you will incur will be significant and the quality and experience of the individuals you may find will be unpredictable. Getting them to work together effectively will take time too. We can save you all this effort so that you can focus on leading the change more strategically, deploying your own valuable people where their knowledge will have most impact.

AUGERE will save you the pain and unproductive overhead recruiting contractors

AUGERE will provide a proven and experienced team who will hit the ground running, who are used to working together productively. This will get you moving faster, save costs in mobilising and enable you to drive out the benefits more quickly and for a lot less hassle. We will blend the team to meet your needs: from experienced heavy hitting programme managers to more junior analysts and testers all with a delivery management overlay built in to the service proposition. We will work with your own people and spend time coaching and training, so that you can be self-sufficient as soon as realistically possible. We will bring toolkits and methods, but adapt and adopt your own processes and methods too.

All this at a highly competitive blended rate

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  • At Augere, we believe in working closely with you to build a clear strategy and vision for the transformation of your business, and the most efficient approach to achieve these outcomes. A professional, experienced and knowledgeable team is critical to the success of any project or programme. We have a wide and experienced network of project change practioners that we call on to help tailor a solution to your specific business challenges, with the added industry level experience of our leadership team. AUGERE will take the pain out of the recruitment process for our customers to give a fast start, then manage and oversee ongoing delivery


  • Investing in a transformation programme or gearing up a large change portfolio requires significant investment, often running into £m. Like any investment, your business will want to know if this will yield the right returns, and in the desired timescales. Using our experienced, knowledgeable and pragmatic teams, we will carry out a range of assurance activities designed to give you the confidence that your investment is on the right track, and help drive corrective actions where and if needed. AUGERE will build confidence in the successful delivery of important and expensive change programmes and portfolios


  • Pioneering the way and helping you navigate from Waterfall to Agile, transitioning to DevOps. We have experts and teams to help you to modernise your change approach to be more software engineering led but to also leverage your experience in  managing projects previously. How to accelerate delivery but not throw the baby out with the bath water


  • Automation and Robotics is playing an increasingly key role in many businesses. Understanding the opportunities presented by The 4th Industrial Revolution is key to how your business operates, and how your people are engaged. At AUGERE we have experts and wide industry experience to help you navigate this journey. The Robots aren't just coming - they are already here. Are you and your teams ready?


  • One of the keys to deliver success in the fast moving world of change is the ability to control and manage your investment in projects and portfolios. A strong and experienced E-PMO will bring these elements together, and by providing a fully flexible service, we can help you get the right balance of control and cost. Providing control and leadership to increase success of project and business benefit delivery


  • Regulatory changes in the EU and the EEA (such as GDPR, PSD2 and Open Banking in financial services), together with fast changing consumer preferences, the emergence of non-traditional players and the presence of technology-enabled innovation will all be catalysts for change for businesses in all sectors. Experienced and knowledgeable change leaders who understand compliance and governance, who can oversee these programmes and manage the implicit risks are essential.



Our wide network means we can deploy top quality project, programme, PMO and technology delivery specialists. We build teams and mobilise at pace. We ensure the very latest industry knowledge is applied in every assignment to improve the quality of the solutions we deliver. We have a strong track record for recruitment in the change and project arena and this is combined with our senior team's 30 years or more experience in programme delivery and change management. We are consequently able to determine what mix of skills you need and will assemble and deploy the right team 

Key to our approach is to ensure our clients are engaged and supported throughout, so we provide expert delivery support through the services of our Delivery Directors – ensuring not only do we deliver outstanding quality, but we act as a trusted partner and advisor to our clients at all levels. Our services are relevant for all businesses undertaking transformational change where there is a portfolio of projects to be delivered.

We have a strong pedigree in financial services, retail businesses, telecommunications and utilities as well as in the public sector

















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