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Welcome to Inkpath Limited  “The Skills and Career Development Platform”

Inkpath is a lifelong skills and career development platform

Organisations use Inkpath to provide bespoke skills and career development and benefit from unique, rich, live data

Individuals use Inkpath to plan and track their career and skills development for now and the long term


  • Inkpath is about people performance as well as course performance. Our simple-to-use, powerful management interface allows you to get a comprehensive view of your people’s development. Manage courses, set SMART goals tied to real activities, track attendance and feedback, and run great reports.

Smartphone App

  • Our smartphone app directs users to training and development opportunities relevant to their desired path, allowing them to track their progress, follow ponboarding and development pathways, export their progress for a CV or appraisal, share it with other online platforms, and get constant, data-driven feedback.  



For Administrators

  • Adopt Inkpath quickly with no need for a major IT project, no need to replace existing systems (Inkpath enhances them), at low cost and low risk.
  • Showcase students’, researchers’ and employees' skills, achievements and goals: automated individual- and cohort-level reports on development.
  • Acts as a unified front end for your training provision; set goals to promote an inspiring and proactive user experience.
  • User-driven, constantly-updated, longitudinal data, providing a bigger picture, beyond just training courses.

Instant course feedback and attendance monitoring: automates processes and frees resources.

For Students

  • Find training opportunities relevant to you: recommends activities and training programmes personalised to your path.
  • Keep automated, accurate records of your skills, hobbies and achievements to share with other platforms and social networks.
  • A profile for life: take Inkpath from school to university to employment and beyond.
  • Maximise your employability and make more informed choices about your future path.
  • Track anything and relate it to a set of skills or competencies set by your organisation.

About Inkpath

Inkpath’s roots can be traced back to a balmy week in late July 2013, when John Miles, now our CTO, started his new job at the University of Oxford. John set his mind to a straightforward problem: how can we help students, researchers and employees track their personal and professional development in an engaging, meaningful way, helping them towards exciting and fulfilling careers? A bit of coding later (OK, more than a bit), John had produced a working prototype of a skills tracker, which he piloted with students from Oxford’s Humanities faculties. Their feedback was so encouraging that John applied for funding to take the project further, gaining support from within and beyond Oxford to turn his dream of a mobile and intelligent 21st century solution into reality.

Dr John Miles

John is Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Inkpath. John conceived and built the very first proof-of-concept prototype of Inkpath while at Oxford back in 2013 and has been developing the idea ever since. Before Inkpath, John was Training Officer for the Humanities Division at Oxford and a Research Associate at Wadham College. And before that he taught Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature in the English Department at Royal Holloway, University of London, where he was Caroline Spurgeon Research Fellow.




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