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Welcome to Mutual Consultants Limited – RCM Specialists

​We specialise in assisting clients to apply Reliability-centred Maintenance (RCM) in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland through world class RCM training, RCM consulting, RCM facilitation and the supply of dedicated RCM software.

As a member of the Aladon Network for more than 25 years, our approach is to impart knowledge of Reliability-centred Maintenance (RCM) to clients via Training Courses, Contract Facilitation and Technical Support. The entry level training that we offer for RCM is a 3-day course; we also offer a 10-day course for RCM facilitators and a 1-day RCM Awareness Session (primarily targeted at senior managers or those on the periphery of an RCM project).

​The majority of courses we conduct are in-house to our clients. We do occasionally conduct 'public' courses if there is sufficient demand; from time-to-time, we also syndicate courses between clients. (Syndicated courses are strictly subject to agreement by the host client.)

It is essential that all people who take part in an RCM analysis meeting attend an appropriate training course prior to the analysis group meetings. It is false economy to attempt to implement RCM without training the analysis group members because the RCM approach involves radical shifts in the way people think about maintenance.The courses we provide in support of RCM2 are highly participative, comprising a combination of formal lecturing, exercises and case studies. As a member of the Aladon Network we use the high quality course notes and presentation materials that distinguish the Network's offerings from others.

Comprehensive course notes are provided together with "solutions" to all exercises and case studies; the "solutions" are reviewed by the tutor with the delegates as part of the course.

​Visual-aids used during the courses include very high quality colour slides and incorporate learning-aids such as colour-coding and carefully structured examples and anecdotes to reinforce learning.

​The courses have evolved over many years and are updated from time-to-time.



Formed in 1991, Mutual Consultants Limited have specialised in assisting clients to apply Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM) from the start.​​

Our experience extends before 1991, in that the key RCM practitioners within the company have been active in RCM since 1988. As a result, we are able to offer very experienced and practised consultants.

Mutual Consultants Limited is the dominant member of the Aladon Network in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland but as members of the Aladon Network we can draw on experience from (and provide contact with) RCM users from a wide range of industries world-wide. In assisting clients with applying RCM our role is to impart knowledge of RCM via initial training and technical support; our goal is for clients to become competent and confident in implementing RCM for themselves in the future.

In the application of RCM we can provide varying degrees of support and assistance (including project management and contract facilitation). What we never do, however, is apply RCM on your behalf - this is because RCM must be applied by those people who know the equipment the best, i.e. those who use and maintain the equipment.

​Our client base...

We have worked with a wide range of clients both large and small. Past and current RCM clients include major railway organisations in the UK and overseas, train builders, gas supply and gas distribution companies, electricity generation and supply companies, paper/textile manufacturers, off-shore oil and gas industries, shipping, defence contractors, nuclear sites, cement manufacture, an MoD establishment, breweries, glass manufacturer, can maker and specialised pipe manufacturer.

  • We are under a professional obligation not to disclose to a third party any specific information about our clients.
  • ​Our staff are very experiencd and practised in their field - furthermore, staff retention has been constant since the company was formed in 1991.​
  • Around 80% of our revenue is from repeat business with existing clients.
  • ​Mutual Consultants’ tag line is “Working together...”. We work with our clients as a ‘supplier’ of training and consulting services.
  • We recognise that each client is 'different' and we are happy to work with our clients either full-time or part-time according to the specific needs of the project.

​Our consultants...

The consultant assigned to assist you with RCM will be experienced in both the theory and practice of the services that we offer. All consultants are RCM Practitioners (fully trained by Aladon) and will also have extensive managerial and consulting experience in maintenance and engineering.

Should you wish to contact us about any of the services that we offer Steve Bailey will be your initial point of contact. The following are their brief résumés and more detailed CVs are available on request:

​​Steve Bailey is the Managing Director of Mutual Consultants Limited and a mechanical engineer.

He has over 25 years of practical experience and training skills in RCM preceded by seventeen years of railway experience at a number of maintenance depots both in a technical and managerial capacity. Steve is an experienced RCM practitioner trained by the late John Moubray of Aladon.

Steve is also trained in Commercial Systems Analysis, Software Engineering and Simulation Modelling and has developed many bespoke software applications and our RCM Desktop software.

​Simon Deakin is the founder of Mutual Consultants Limited and a mechanical engineer.

Simon no longer has day-to-day responsibility for the business but he retains a keen interest and an arm's-length involvement with the company. He has extensive practical experience and training skills in RCM which have been developed over a period of more than thirty years working with both large and small clients in diverse industries. Simon is an experienced RCM practitioner fully trained by the late John Moubray of Aladon. Prior to working in consulting he worked in the design, installation and commissioning of major capital equipment to the process and manufacturing industries. 


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