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Welcome to Corporate Culture

We’re a strategic and creative communications consultancy, helping companies imagine and embrace transformational change, engage employees and stakeholders, and build brands and narratives. Read more about us


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There are many good and bad examples that prove that culture is as important as strategy in determining business success. But what if your organisational culture isn’t right for your business, how do you change?

We can help. People can be cautious about change; they tend to prefer the security of experience rather than the uncertainty of the unknown. That’s where we come in. We’re experts at exploring the benefits of and barriers to behavioural and organisational transformation.

We know how employees and stakeholders perceive and respond to such changes, whether it’s a major corporate restructure, a new business strategy or a company-wide initiative to improve performance.

Our strategic and creative teams can then help you translate this insight and develop the values, behaviours, innovative change programmes or other initiatives that are tailored to your business and brand, and help you achieve your goals.Managing change needn’t seem such a challenging prospect.




The case for engaging employees has long been made with a wealth of evidence that confirms what common sense told us – that if people feel valued and able to give their best at work, it will have a positive impact on business performance.

But what is employee engagement and how do you research, measure and increase it? We can help answer these questions, and more.

Understanding what makes your people tick is always the best start point, and our expertise in behaviour change helps us quickly understand people’s needs, motivations and barriers to action.

We can then help you use these insights to address engagement challenges, whether it’s increasing dialogue with leaders, improving collaboration across teams, inspiring action on key priorities, or simply recognising and celebrating the great things already happening in your organisation. So, if you need a strategy devising, training, or just some friendly advice, we’d love to talk.



We use imaginative insight and creative communications to help you engage and map your stakeholders.

This helps you align your actions with the needs and expectations of your key audiences, fuels long-term business success, and creates value.

In theory it should be a straightforward process: find the people you want to communicate with, listen to their views, act on them, and share your message on what you did. Of course, it’s rarely that simple, because what people say is often different to what they think and believe.

That’s a challenge we embrace. We can help you identify your key stakeholders, gather insight into the issues they view as material, and understand how they really view your business, service or product.

We help you truly tailor the process to stakeholders’ needs – moving them from being suppliers, employees or partners, to becoming true advocates, able to identify opportunities as well as risks.



We believe great internal communications help businesses thrive by uniting employees behind strategic goals, building relationships and trust, smoothing organisational change, and inspiring positive action.

We can help you to bring your story to life, make the right connections for your people, and provide clear direction and line of sight to business purpose and strategy.  And, just as critically, we can also help you create conversations, and connect colleagues across your organisation to the things that matter to them, your customers or clients.  All in an authentic way that supports your brand and culture.

So whether you need support in shaping your strategic narrative, composing compelling copy, guidance on channel effectiveness, or developing full internal communication strategies or creative campaigns, our team has the experience and expertise to help. Great communication starts with listening. We’d love to hear from you.



A powerful creative concept is always central to our approach, and essential when building an emotional connection with your audiences. And by integrating behavioural science from the start, we also ensure our designs are in tune with how people actually think and make decisions.

Our brands and campaigns bring strategies to life, connect employees with organisational purpose, and drive behaviour change – whether it’s helping people to work smarter or more safely, act more sustainably, or make better life choices.

The reality is that when it comes to taking action, people rarely make the most logical or optimal choices. Instead, as behavioural science shows us, we all rely on non-conscious shortcuts, and our innate biases and emotions. In fact, as many as 95% of our daily decisions are made instinctively and intuitively. By encompassing how we write, design, test and iterate, behavioural creative ensures our work is always aligned to the realities of human decision-making.



We deliver learning experiences to help you build knowledge and develop in-house skills and capability. From introductory overviews to accelerator training, our sessions are tailored to help you tackle specific organisational challenges across two essential fields.


Help your organisation to embrace culture change, internal transformation, and sustainable business, including:

  • Engage employees to drive cultural change and transformation
  • Create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture
  • Connect your stakeholders with your organisational purpose
  • Put your distinctive character at the heart of your brand
  • Leverage the power of narrative to inspire and drive change

Contact Elaine Smith to learn more and discuss your requirements. 0845 607 0000 EMAIL ELAINE


Explore and harness the latest thinking and game-changing insights from the field of behavioural science to benefit your business, including:

  • Transform your health and safety performance
  • Increase marketing impact with behaviour-led design
  • An introduction to the science of behaviour change
  • Turn your customers and colleagues into active participants
  • Improve your organisation’s resilience to the climate crisis
  • Shape people’s personal and business travel choices

Contact Elaine Smith to learn more and discuss your requirements. 0845 607 0000 EMAIL ELAINE

We deliver all of these culture, transformation and behavioural science training sessions in two formats, tailored to meet your objectives:

Behavioural design sprints

  • More detailed, immersive training to deepen your understanding of the field and equip you to solve the big issues facing your business.

Introductory sessions

  • Focused, dynamic training to provide an insightful overview of the topic’s context, with guidance to help you make organisational decisions.






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