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Gayle Young
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Welcome to Gayle Young

Are leaders born or shaped? Around here, they’re both.

  • The world needs great leaders.
  • Businesses need great leaders.
  • Teams need great leaders.

The good news? You’re on track to become one of those great leaders. The bad news? Leadership development tends to focus more on what makes a great leader than how to actually become it.

That’s where I come in, armed with an abundance of practical tools and techniques to help shape you into the leader you were born to be. Because while I believe everyone is born with leadership potential, I also believe leaders need to be carefully shaped in order to have the impact they desire – without burning themselves out in the process.

Are you a senior exec who wants to inspire your team to successfully achieve business goals while still creating a culture of autonomy and accountability?
Are you a corporate leader with critical decisions to make who wants to know how to make the right call (even if you don’t have all the information you need) without sending your blood pressure through the ceiling?
Are you a new manager who’s still trying to understand what kind of leader you want to be and how you want to inspire and engage those you’re responsible for?

Wherever you are on your leadership journey, I’m here to help you turn your knowledge and vision into simple actions and unbelievable results.

I won’t bore you by listing out all of my qualifications. (There are a lot.) Instead, here’s a whistlestop tour:

  • MA in Applied Coaching and have been coaching leaders since 2007
  • mBIT Trainer & Master Coach
  • NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner
  • Higher Professional Skills in Coaching
  • BSc (1st Hons) Business
  • 25+ years of working experience running my own business and within corporate organisations

Why so many? Because coaching approaches, tools, and techniques work differently for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all. You are not the type of person who can be placed in a box. True leaders never are. Having this huge breadth of knowledge and experience gives me the freedom to explore what gets YOU the best results. It could be one approach, or it could be a mixture. Finding out is part of the fun!

Whether you choose to work with me as your executive coach or leadership trainer, or you choose to take one of my trainings, the results you see will likely fall into one (or all!) of the following:

  • Improving trust, communication, and conflict-handling. As a leader, there’s no avoiding people. Understand how to develop trust, communicate more effectively, and handle conflict so you consistently get the best ideas, productivity, and overall performance from your team.
  • Making bolder and wiser decisions (even in chaotic environments). Nothing is predictable in this day and age. Targets keep moving, markets are uncertain, and technology is rapidly evolving. Be able to make smart decisions anyway – and explain why you’ve made them.
  • Creating a culture of accountability. Accountability is about so much more than recognising a wrong. Have members of your team hold themselves accountable if performance misses the mark while still inspiring and encouraging them to be the best they can be.
  • Managing stress and improving wellbeing. This is becoming a more prevalent issue by the day. While you may not be able to avoid stress completely, you can find ways to identify and manage it, both for yourself and your team, so that wellbeing and business performance stay strong.
  • Developing trust and performance in your team. Teams only perform when there’s a foundation of trust. Find a way to build a natural trustworthy dynamic between you and your team and between the team members themselves so that, even in the face of challenges, everyone works towards the same goals.
  • Developing your personal self. Your life doesn’t start and finish with your work. Alongside developing yourself as a leader, you can develop yourself as a human, and/or spouse, and/or parent. Use strengthened self-awareness to find fulfillment and harmony wherever it’s missing.

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