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Guidance and support for service management – ‘end-to-end’
Barclay Rae Consulting (BRC) uses a mix of proven approaches, pragmatism, common sense and experience, guiding clients quickly to practical success. We provide advice and guidance, auditing and analysis.
Our focus is on helping you to deliver the best possible service to your customers by:
Implementing successful service improvement initiatives
Achieving successful transformation programmes
Reducing transformation timescales
Saving time and money on your projects
Delivering and demonstrating value from IT services
Focusing on supporting business goals and outcomes
Getting real ‘buy-in’ across your organisation
If you work in the technology and customer support world, in IT, ITSM, service management, service desks, service delivery, managed services, DevOps, customer relationship management or customer services, then we can help you with support, guidance and knowledge. 
Whether your challenges are strategic and directional, or if you are looking for ‘hands-on’ practical and pragmatic advice and help, we offer a range of services to quickly meet your needs. 
What are your biggest challenges – do you recognise any of these?
Do you want to improve your business reporting, value demonstration, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction levels? 
How can you develop your working culture to ensure that you attract and retain the best people? 
How do you assess and compare our operations with industry trends and performance?
How can you get a resolution and way forward on an intractable internal issue?  
What tools and models should you and your organisation use? 
How do you build effective and engaged teams, lead transformations and implement new digital ways of working?
How can you implement a global service strategy and consolidate multiple service teams?
How do we get all of our people on board with knowledge and direction for best practice?
How can we bring together different teams and cultures – (e.g. ITSM and DevOps)
How do we translate operational thinking into business action – deliver valuable reporting and analysis, achieve effective governance?
BRC is a boutique consultancy providing short, cost-efficient and effective work packages – usually workshops, reviews and laser consulting sessions – for steering, education, feasibility and direction. BRC is led by Barclay Rae, who has delivered industry leading consultancy and content for over 25 years. Barclay is an ITIL4 lead editor and architect, an SDI author and board member, and ex-CEO of itSMF UK. BRC provides guidance on leadership, business focus, teambuilding and transformation for leaders. BRC also delivery a variety of consulting and educational services for service management practitioners. Usually these services only involve a few days of work to achieve value. 
We also work with the service management industry and deliver content, product development, presentation and authoring services for vendors and industry organisations.  
If you are interested in our services, please contact Barclay for a free consultation without obligation. 


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We offer a variety of services directly via online platforms – these are easy to use and provide simple and quick learning and development solutions to your service management issues and needs. Consultancy has always been regarded as a ‘face to face’ activity, although this can be successfully done virtually and most of the activities are transferrable and achievable via virtual working with a little planning and collaboration.

Training and education have been delivered via technology platforms and online for some time and this can be a rewarding and effective means of imparting knowledge and sharing a learning experience. For consulting delivery, the concept of a ‘workshop and sprint’ works well – a collaborative session plus a short discovery and review sprint. This helps to build group consensus, as well as individual knowledge, as part of the solution.


Is a dynamic, practical, fast track approach that cuts through to the core of IT Service Management best practice. Clear and concise, it empowers you to ‘do the basics right’ and achieve best business outcomes from IT, every time.







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