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fscom is one of the leading compliance firms for the regulated sector in the UK and Ireland

Expertise that adds value

We are a firm of compliance experts. We specialise in the financial services sector. Specifically we deal in payments, e-money, crypto, challenger banks, and trading and broking firms. We know the FCA and PRA because we are ex-regulators. We know what banks want and how banks works because we are ex-bankers.

We know the resource struggles faced by compliance teams because we work with them every day. We know the challenges faced by entrepreneurs because we founded our own business that we grew from our own hard work. Together we are fscom. Read more about us



We have won numerous awards for our work with clients in providing advisory and project-based work across our three core technical areas of financial crime advisory, regulatory compliance and cyber security.

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Financial Crime

When it comes to compliance in financial crime, it’s not just about ticking boxes, it’s about doing a job that is helping prevent the criminals from pocketing the millions and millions of pounds that they make every year from human trafficking, drug trafficking, fraud and terrorist activities. Helping you prevent financial crime is why we are in business.


Regulatory Compliance

When it comes to regulatory compliance, our award-winning team of experts are renowned in the industry for helping new financial services businesses starting out and established businesses adapt in an ever-changing regulatory climate.


Cyber Security

When it comes to the security of your client’s information, there are no second chances, especially in financial services. Clients expect the highest level of security of your products and service and for you to ensure robust protection of their data.



We are boutique which means we specialise in the financial services sector, specifically in payments, e-money, challenger banks, cryptocurrency and trading and broking.








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