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Whatever the size of your organisation, and whatever sector you operate in, you depend on your employees.  You need them to be productive and accountable, especially when you are facing new and larger challenges.

I specialise in helping leaders systemise their organisation, organisational unit or department as a foundation for improved productivity and expanded capacity. I work with my clients to implement the procedures and controls necessary to manage staff successfully, improve performance and achieve organisational goals.  The approach I use transfers and translates private sector business performance techniques to the public sector.

This Systemisation, Scalability and Productivity approach is unique.  It is designed to address the challenges of running an organisation or department experiencing significant growth or needing to do more with less:

  • As the manager you used to make all the decisions – now this slows things down.
  • You used to be able to do anything in the department – now you need to manage things that you have never done yourself.
  • You used to control what your people did – now you have to trust them.
  • You used to know every customer personally – now you have to service customers you have never met.
  • You are hiring more staff and know less about them – but getting the right people and leading them well is the single most important thing you do.
  • You used to run things without a clear plan or strategy or effective performance management. Now that is a recipe for under-performance.


To help my clients deal with these problems I provide a consultancy service based on three unique management frameworks:

  • The Systemisation Roadmap – implement a structure, plan and key performance indicators so that you can delegate with confidence whilst you focus on the big challenges and opportunities facing you
  • The Scaleup Formula - a process-led approach to develop employee accountability and a team committed to a shared purpose
  • The Productivity Roadmap – identify and remove bottlenecks in the organisation, set and achieve challenging productivity targets

These frameworks are flexible and each client is different so the first step is to agree measurable outcomes and create a bespoke scope and plan to achieve these.


In some cases, training may be more appropriate than consultancy.  This training is based on the same systemisation, scalability and productivity approach outlined above but each course focuses on a particular aspect.

Whether you are managing in the public or private sector, learning is critical to achieving peak performance.

Learning means you develop the skills and knowledge that, put into practice, set the high-performers apart from the also-rans.

For many managers, the daily demands of running a department or organisation mean the opportunities for stepping back and developing new skills are limited. The knowledge you have is gained on the job, from trial and error. Whilst this knowledge is invaluable it is also narrow. You may have critical gaps in your business knowledge.

As your department grows the business knowledge required also grows. The switched-on manager becomes uneasy; are things I don’t know costing me money? Am I missing opportunities? Are they putting the department at risk?

You are already running a successful and growing department – the objective of our training courses is to build on this with an injection of insights, ideas and new skills.

Our courses are designed for people who run organisations or organisational units. They are practical, bite-sized chunks of learning that will complement your hands-on knowledge and deliver immediate, measurable benefits in your department. They are all live, online, interactive one-day courses where you apply the topic to your own department so that it is immediately relevant and actionable.

Each course is tailored specifically to the challenges you and your team are facing and the outcomes you require.  They can be run for you on your own or for you and your management team as a group.

Here is a selection of popular courses that form the start point for this bespoke content:


  • Overview
    • Why delegate?
    • What do we mean by delegation?
  • The Delegation Framework
    • Shared vision
    • Clear structure
    • Role descriptions
    • Measurable outcomes
    • Defined processes
  • The Delegation Process
    • Choosing what to delegate
    • Choosing who to delegate to
    • What’s in it for them?
    • Making it official
    • Supporting and reviewing
  • Creating a Delegation Plan

Effective Marketing

  • Introduction
    • What do we mean by marketing?
    • What result are we looking for?
  • The Marketing Framework
    • Your niche
    • Their pain
    • Your solution
    • Triggers and context
  • The Marketing Process
    • Marketing as a system
    • Defining your required outcome
    • Evaluating channels
    • Marketing ROI
  • Creating a Marketing Plan
    • Defining activities
    • Sourcing the skills
    • Your CRM
    • Reviews

Key Performance Indicators

  • Introduction
    • What are KPIs?
    • Why businesses need KPIs
    • Leading and lagging KPIs
  • Finding KPIs
    • A strategic approach
    • An accountability approach
    • A process approach
    • What makes a good KPI?
  • Creating your KPI dashboard
    • Identify your KPIs
    • Set your targets
    • Using KPIs – reviews
  • Final thoughts
    • The importance of grey matter
    • Your shared mental model

Improving Employee Productivity

  • Introduction
    • What is productivity and how do we measure it?
    • What the research says: What could you aim for?
    • The employment challenge
  • Improving productivity
    • Short-term tactical changes
    • Long-term strategic changes
    • Leadership and motivation
  • Create your productivity improvement plan
    • Where are you now?
    • What is your target?
    • Where are your biggest opportunities?
    • Your action plan
  • Final thoughts
    • Return to the employment challenge





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